Smart Apps For Android: Best FREE Apps for Mom: Pinterest — one reviewer's confession

Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Best FREE Apps for Mom: Pinterest — one reviewer's confession

My name is Kelli, and I am a Pinterest addict. There. I’ve admitted it.  That’s the first step, right? What brought about this revelation, you ask? Well, the boss man asked us all to think about what we like to use our iDevices for (when we aren’t testing out fabulous kids’ apps), so that we can maybe share with y’all some great mom apps.

Like a good little girl, I sat down and evaluated my non-kid-app usage. First off, there are a couple of games — Candy Crush (I know!) and Clumsy Ninja and, more recently, the addictive 2048. I also spend a lot of time on Facebook, it's true, but I’m going to count that as “work-related” since a lot of that time is spent having “staff meetings” with the lovelies at SAFK.

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I was shocked, though, at just how much time I can lose when I get started browsing on Pinterest.
I’m sure that most of you are at least familiar with Pinterest by now, but just in case you're not, here’s a brief description: Pinterest is . . . a virtual bulletin board. Seriously. It’s that simple. You can “pin” the things that interest you onto categorized boards so that you can share them with people. That’s great. What’s even better, though, is looking at all the cool stuff other folks have pinned. From fashion to art to potty training tips, you can find virtually anything on Pinterest. Smart Apps for Kids even has a board. Do you follow us there?

See this cute play kitchen?
I did NOT make this
So, how do I use Pinterest? Even though it is available from my PC, I’d have to say that I use the Pinterest app pretty much exclusively. Which means that at 2 a.m. when I can’t sleep, you can probably see the glow of my iPad from under the covers as I browse for storage solutions for the princess’ room or look for 35 ways to paint a bathroom. I’m not saying that I actually end up doing all of these things, but I sure pin the heck out of them.

These adorable duct tape roses?
I didn't make them either!
My problem is that I’m a DIY-wannabe, and I really do have the best intentions when I’m pinning stuff. I truly believe that I can turn that entertainment center into the cutest play kitchen ever. And I just KNOW that I can make a fabulous gift for someone using nothing but pipe cleaners and duct tape. Don’t get me wrong, I’m craftier than most folks, but a lot of the stuff I pin is basically just me window shopping. It’s super cute and I enjoy looking at it, but that’s pretty much the extent of it. And that’s perfectly fine.

But I make this casserole all the time. Seriously.

The exception to this rule is food. I not only browse for recipes like they are going out of style, I actually try a lot of them. I have discovered how to easily peel a boiled egg and how to make candied bacon. My son’s favorite meals at the moment are two different casseroles that I discovered on Pinterest. It’s like having every cookbook known to man inside your iPad with Julia Child thrown in to teach you techniques. I can properly poach an egg now. Seriously. It's the Food & Drink category that roped me in so completely and held me hostage.

One of my favorite pins.
I was a little put off by the name of these cookies, but they look so festive and taste even better

The thing is, there are so many great apps out there for parents, whether they are for pure entertainment or to help you with your productivity. There are apps that can be used as tools in your diet and exercise regimen, and apps that can calculate pi to thousands of decimal places. Heck, there are also just a lot of fun games out there that might be just a little bit unsuitable for some children but they are still lots of fun (Plants Vs. Zombies, I'm lookin' at you.) We want to be able to bring you all of these things.

I feel kind of bad that my first submission to the Awesome Apps for Moms category (or whatever we are going to call it) was so commonplace. But millions of users can’t have it wrong — Pinterest is useful and entertaining. If you're on Pinterest already, what's your all-time favorite pin?

(Rather than my usual tagline, I'm using something the fabulous Rachel H. whipped up.)

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