Smart Apps For Android: Best FREE Apps for Moms (and Dads and Grandparents): Dooors — escape your real world while escaping in this app.

Thursday, May 08, 2014

Best FREE Apps for Moms (and Dads and Grandparents): Dooors — escape your real world while escaping in this app.

Ron recently asked us to tell our readers about our favorite, non-kid apps. Also? He can't hear us when we say something costs money (he says his high blood pressure keeps him from hearing crazy talk about non-free stuff) so we have to tell you our favorite FREE apps. Kelli got us started yesterday with her Pinterest addiction that you can read >>HERE<< and today it's my turn. I'm not sharing anything productive. I hate productivity. I like games that let me escape from the real world. Dooors lets me do that as it's literally a game of escape. Players have to solve puzzles to make it through doors and escape.

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Sometimes, when I am spending all of my time as a mom making sure everyone else is taken care of, I desperately need a break. I need a few minutes to turn my brain off from the real world and concentrate on problems that have actual, solvable solutions. iOS games give me that satisfaction. Heck, if I can't solve a game puzzle, I can turn it off and go back to the real-life unsolvables like how to make sure my kids clean their rooms or take the trash out without being harassed. That being said, I love the Dooors series. There are three in the app store, but I'm focusing on the first one here because it's my first love, with short but challenging puzzles that can be picked up and dropped in a quick second for when I get called to wipe a butt or clean a spill.

The app opens to a quick menu featuring the option to begin a new game, load a previously played game or get more information. More information inlcludes credits, other apps by developer 58 Works, website link and Facebook link. The app includes a banner ad at the bottom of the game that is visible throughout play, but since my audience for this post is the grown-ups, I think you guys can handle the pressure and decide for yourselves if something looks fabulous enough to click (small hint in case you share the game with a "clicker:" switch to Airplane Mode in device settings and the ads won't lead anywhere.)

The game contains 80 fun levels that are all essentially the same in premise, but get much harder and more amusing as play progresses. There is a door, and users have to manipulate the environment by moving plants and vases, finding keys and door knobs, or opening hidden panels to open the door. It starts out simply on the first level with a tap on the door to open and then you get to move to the second level. Many of the beginning levels are setting users up for the possible escape tools that will appear as play moves forward. Users will have to tap, find and utilize tools, tilt the device to move objects and time certain activities to escape.

I love this game and have played it several times alone and with my eight-year-old son. We might look silly tilting sideways trying to figure out how to move a plant or tapping wildly trying to perfectly time lights to unlock the door, but this game gives me two things: a break when I need it and bonding with my kiddo when I can't fully break away. Oh, there's a third thing I love about this app. It's not productive.

Wait! A fourth thing I love: it's free. Free is good.

I mentioned that this is the first app in a series of three. If you're interested in taking a look at DOOORS2 and DOOORS3, then please use our links below.

   DOOORS2                                 DOOORS3
Get it on Google Play          Get it on Google Play


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