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Friday, May 09, 2014

Best FREE apps for moms and dads: Stitcher Radio for Podcasts

My work-provided insurance company has a nice perk: we get paid to have a physical and follow through on our health goals each year (I know! Real money and everything!). I'm in good health, and my major goal for the year is to practice stress management. Apparantly my job is pretty stressful, and though I thought I was doing okay, I'm maybe not handling it as well as I could (see: tagline).

And that's where today's FREE app comes into play. As I thought through my list of favorite apps for ME, one of them stands out as an app that actually does help me relax and it's not an app to help with time management  or organization (though they should probably be on my list by the end of the year). Stitcher Radio is one of the first apps I ever had, and the one I consistently can turn to for relieving a little bit of stress. Read on to find out exactly how I hope it will help me earn my health incentive money this year.

To join me in stress management by enjoying the features of Stitcher Radio for Podcasts (FREE, iPad/iPhone), please support Smart Apps for Kids and use our download link:

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When I go to bed I like to read for awhile before falling asleep. In my busy life right now, though, some days I just can't keep my eyes open long enough to read more than a minute or two. But skipping that time entirely isn't good for me, either.

In order to have time to think about things other than the stressors in my life, I have turned to listening to podcasts as I fall asleep. And that's where Stitcher comes in. The over 25,000 podcasts are organized into categories for easy browsing, and can also be found by name with the search function. There are 18 different broad categories, and numerous other subcategories within them.

I listen to podcasts that make me think (TED Radio Hour) and podcasts that make me laugh (Wait, Wait... Don't Tell Me). I can even indulge my inner word nerd, with favorites like Lexicon Valley and A Way With Words. I listen to sports, politics, news, science, culture — really, anything that strikes my fancy.

I don't just listen while I fall asleep, either. I also listen when I do dishes, when I shower, when I cook. Sometimes when I run alone, I even listen to podcasts when I run (though it's much more stress relieving to talk to my running buddy). My husband and I even bring a headphone splitter with us on long road trips so we can listen to podcasts together in the car.

Does it help relieve stress? I'm not quite sure yet if it will earn me my money for meeting my goal. But it definitely helps me relax in the evenings, allowing me to focus my mind on something other than the pile of paperwork or the many demands of my job, just for a little while.

From Amazon:

Listen on demand to over 6,000 radio shows, live stations, and podcasts on your Android phone or tablet. Listen to your favorite news, comedy, sports, talk, and storytelling programs in one app. Get the latest shows from NPR, CNN, Fox, BBC, Carolla, SModcast, Joe Rogan, Maddow, Rush, Fresh Air, Freakonomics, Radiolab, The Moth, and more. Choose from 6,000+ on demand podcasts and live local AM/FM stations.

Key Features
• Create Custom Stations: "Stitch" together your favorite shows to create your own customized stations in My Stations. Stitcher can also automatically create a station for you based on a show you like.
• Discover new shows you'll love: Stitcher helps you find new shows by allowing you to see what other listeners of the same shows also like.
• Listen On Demand: Hear the latest episodes of your favorite shows whenever you want without the hassle of downloading and syncing. You can also listen to past episodes!
• Stream your favorite live radio: Listen to live streams nearby you or from thousands of radio stations around the world.
• Share a show with friends: Share interesting episodes of your favorite shows easily with friends via Facebook, Twitter, or email.
• Get breaking news: Keep up with the day's biggest stories with the Stitcher Front Page and via breaking news audio alerts sent to your phone.

Stitcher is the easiest way to stay connected to the information that's important to you while on-the-go. Stitcher SmartRadio, a smarter way to listen to the radio.

What People Are Saying
• "Stitcher provides a slick solution to those looking for customized audio programming--it is to news and information what Pandora is to music." -- CNET Magazine
• "Web outfits like Pandora and Stitcher broadcast portable and mobile content that makes Sirius look overpriced and stodgy." -- Business Week Magazine
• "Stitcher collects and stitches together spoken word radio content from a healthy range of news and opinion sources, creating an effectively unlimited stream of stuff to listen to. Think of it as your local public radio station, times 400." -- Gizmodo

• Best News App for 2011--voted by 1.5 million voters on
• Webby's People's Voice Award for best Mobile News App
• PC Magazine Top 100 Apps


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