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Saturday, May 24, 2014

FREE TODAY ONLY ABC 123 Fun (best educational Android kids apps)

This is such a great app! It was listed in our Top 12 Learn-To-Write Apps back in January because it is so well done and brilliant value for money at $0.99. There is so much in the app to help your child learn number and letter recognition, as well as introducing writing. There are also memory match games to reinforce learning, as well as the alphabet song for some extra repetition. I have previously recommended this as a Top Paid app, but strongly advise you now to download it for free!

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   $0.99 now FREE today only May 24, 2014
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There are a couple of pages with the alphabet listed. When each letter is tapped, an image is shown of  an animal or object that begins with that letter. The name of the letter is said, along with its sound, and the name of the object/animal. The user then has the opportunity to write the letter by tracing dotted lines. Arrows are provided for guidance and the letters are like stencils with no possibility of writing outside the lines. One criticism I have of this app is that the letter W is written as four separate lines beginning at the top and finishing at the bottom.

The numbers are introduced in a similar way, with a picture and narration. There is also a screen with numbers 1-10 that the child can tap on to hear each number, and practice counting from one through ten. The memory match games help practice matching upper to lower case letters, letters to objects or animals, and objects or animals to themselves. I am sure you will be pleased with your "purchase" of this app, so hop on over to the app store now and download for FREE.




ABC 123 Fun interactive flash cards will help your child learn their ABCs and 123s. Three full sets of flash cards including animals, everyday objects and numbers. Each card contains the letter or number trace feature, 3 audio hotspots, upper and lowercase letters, as well as full pronunciation. Kid tested and kid approved!

Highlights include:
• Phonics for all letters
• ABC Alphabet Song
• ABC Memory Match
• Trace feature for all letters and numbers
• Play feature for ABC Animals and ABC Objects
• Large upper and lowercase letters and numbers 1 - 10
• Full spelling of animals and objects
• Colorful graphics and fun sounds
• Each card has 3 audio hotspots, plus additional animal and object sounds
• Easily navigate interactively to any letter or number
• Fun young voice to keep kids interested

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