Smart Apps For Android: FREE TODAY ONLY Civiballs - physics puzzler (best Android kids apps)

Thursday, May 15, 2014

FREE TODAY ONLY Civiballs - physics puzzler (best Android kids apps)

Have your kids been playing Civiballs on the computer? Mine have, and today we discovered Civiballs the app! FREE today only on Amazon, this physics/math/logic game, in the vein of Cut The Rope, is a great brain bender to use as a time stuffer. The levels are completed quickly, which fuels the addiction to achieve "just one more level." They do increase in difficulty though and your kids will be using not only their brain but also quick reflexes to get the colored balls where they need to go. Take advantage of Amazon's sale and download the entire app for FREE, or if you shop at Google Play, you can download for free with in-app purchases.

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As I mentioned, the object of the game is to make the colored balls end up in the matching colored receptacles. This is done by taking advantage of certain simple machines and gadgets laid out for the balls to fall on, swing against or be fired from. Civiballs has three worlds to explore: Rome, Vikings and Inca. Each have 40, 40 and 50 levels that unlock as lower levels are completed. This unlocking feature also fuels the addiction to complete "just one more level."

Now I have just about convinced you that you want the app for yourself I bet! You could justify that by saying there are ads and external links to make purchases. That is, if your child's device does not have parental control apps. You could say that the levels are too hard, except I am fairly certain you will be asking your kids for help to complete the higher levels. Whatever your reasoning, just get it quickly because half the day has gone already and it is only FREE TODAY.




Set off on a puzzle adventure through three of the most famous civilizations in history, the Roman, the Vikings and the Incans. You play as a young scientist and his pet monkey, who are travelling back through time to rescue ancient artefacts (or in the monkey’s case, steal ancient jewels.) You’ll have to cut chains or ropes to drop coloured balls into matching pots. It may sound easy, but the taxing physics puzzles involve bizarre objects like crossbows, catapults, fountains and volcanoes. It certainly makes for addictive gameplay. Watch out—things get tricky and you’ll need to use your head, and some quick reactions to solve later levels - especially if you want those bonus diamonds!

Easy to pick up and play, with colorful visuals and classic puzzle gameplay, Civiballs is a brain teasing adventure not to be missed.

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Cas thinks this app is amaze-balls (and that is the first and last time she will ever use that phrase.

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