Smart Apps For Android: Fully Free App Friday for May 30, 2014 (best free Android kids apps)

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Fully Free App Friday for May 30, 2014 (best free Android kids apps)

Welcome to another Fully Free App Friday when we bring a selection of apps that are cost-free and ad-free. Today we have some great educational apps as well as some stories and a game or two including Moshi Monsters! This week's apps will help your kids practice counting, improve their memory, practice for the GRE, improve observation skills, learn about a whole range of topics and sing their heart out. My personal top recommendation is for Alfie and Haathi Discover the Ocean.

** Please note ** Pricing and dates are correct at the time of publishing. We endeavour to only include apps that have no in-app purchases and no advertising. Only the app's developer can control when an app is free.**

Alfie and Haathi Discover the Ocean

Alfie and Haathi are building sandcastles on the beach when the magic bioscope whisks them off to their next adventure. Like Appy Oceans our Hindi English language app, the magic bioscope takes them back to the depths of the ocean, this time in search of a birthday party. On their way to the party, Alfie and Haathi meet the Seahorse, Shark, Clownfish and many more underwater friends who help them count from 1 to 10.

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Samsung Apps Mobile

McGraw-Hill Education GRE

The GRE Premium app provides the interactive practice component of the McGraw-Hill Education GRE Premium book, combining extensive practice with the convenience and mobility of your tablet or smartphone. It offers a number of great features that will help you meet your study goals.

Available on Amazon Appstore          Get it on Google Play

It's time for bed! - BulBul Apps

A cute little story that can put your baby to sleep. Tell this story to your baby and give her a reason to go to bed. This story comes with funny little animations, a lullaby background score and mothers voice.

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Kids Memory Fun Free

How to play: tap the screen, remember the type of object (train, doll, ball, bear, etc) and try to find same types. You can open only two sectors at the same time! Test your memory skills and solve of the puzzles! Good luck!

Available on Amazon Appstore

Click and Learn

Interactively explore topics in biology with the Click and Learn app. Each module features supporting videos and animations (Internet connection required). Learn about topics in Earth history and climate change, evolution, neurobiology, infectious diseases, bioinformatics, stem cells, RNA, obesity, cancer, and genomics.

Available on Amazon Appstore

SIDS & Kids Cot-to-Bed Safety

In Australia and overseas an increasing number of babies and toddlers are sustaining injuries from falling out of cots and beds. This is due to either not recognising the appropriate time to move a baby or young child out of a cot, or a baby or young child being placed too early in an adult bed. This app will provide vital information on ensuring your child has a safe transition to a toddler or an adult bed and that your home is free of possible hazards.

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Preschool Kids Where am I?

Kids love to match!!! A simple but educational game with 140 different faces to match up. Designed for preschool children, the simple interface effectively enables small children to notice the difference with the faces and choose the right one.

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Interactive comic book for kids. Tell your own stories. Reading Kindery stories to young children is one of the best activities for stimulating language as well as building motivation, curiosity and memory.

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Flick Kick Football Kickoff

Set in the Golden Age of Football greatness, see if you have what it takes to score the winning goal with the flick of your finger! Curve, lob, drive and shoot the ball from all over the pitch! Kick It Old School!

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Moshi Monsters Music

Get ready for Moshi Monsters Music, the FREE app crammed with music videos from a goopendous array of Moshi characters! Follow the on-screen lyrics as you sing along to insanely catchy songs by your favourite Moshi gooperstars, from Zack Binspin and Blingo to Coco Loco, Iggy and Big Bad Bill. These vids are monsterific! As a fangtastic extra, you can also check out the official trailer for Moshi Monsters The Movie!

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