Smart Apps For Android: SEVEN FULLY FREE apps from Lipa Learning! (best free educational Android kids apps)

Saturday, May 24, 2014

SEVEN FULLY FREE apps from Lipa Learning! (best free educational Android kids apps)

This was a pretty cool discovery this week. All credit goes to Lisa M., however, as she is the ultimate finder of free apps! Lipa Learning has developed a range of apps that cover foundational skills in a fun and engaging way, while incorporating higher order thinking skills. These apps are excellently presented, it is hard to believe that they are completely cost and ad free! Lipa Learning are driven to provide education for all (a cause I am also passionate about) regardless of socio-economic standing and these apps have recently gone free, but the time is unlimited. Do yourself a favor and go check them out!

From the developer: "But Lipa is a lot more than just developing great educational apps. We are committed to changing education for the youngest learners and it shows in everything we do. From ensuring our content is the highest standard on the market to working with schools below the poverty line in India to donating our apps to the One Laptop Per Child initiative to ensure that children, regardless of their socio-economic background, can access our content."

Lipa Train

All aboard the Lipa Train! Train drivers, are you ready for a Scientific trip around the tracks? Become the driver of the Lipa train and learn lots of valuable new skills as you ride the tracks to fruitful knowledge. There’s lots of fun to be had as you guide your train through a world of discovery!

Get it on Google Play

Lipa Eggs

Painting eggs has never been so much fun! Crack open your Creative skills and discover some chirping rewards with the Award-winning game Lipa Eggs! Creativity skills teach your child how to harness their natural talents for making the world a more beautiful place. These games tend to be more open-ended, encouraging kids to explore their own limits and playing with colors and shapes, or even making up stories.

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Lipa Zoo

Open the gates to Lipa Zoo and you’ll open the gates to the entire Lipa World! In Lipa Zoo, you’ll explore the wild side of education as you discover the exciting sounds and colorful habitats of the Lipa animal kingdom. And, don’t forget—you’ll develop important Fundamental skills, too!

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Lipa Frog

Lipa Frog is very hungry! He is ‘counting’ on you to help him fill his tummy. Can you help satisfy Frog’s hunger and, in the process, help him retrieve his crown by catching the right amount of flies? Watch Frog hop his way to happiness as you have fun with numbers in this thrilling Math game!

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Lipa Dots

Connect the dots has never been so much fun! Discover our touch-screen version of the classic game adults know and love in the action packed Lipa Dots. Dot-to-dot-to-dot-to-dot. Make wonderful pictures magically come to life as you complete each dotted pattern and, in the process, have fun developing your Language skills!

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Lipa Bear

Help! Bella Bear has forgotten the meanings of her favorite words—words for her favorite belongings, colors, actions, and emotions! Can you help Bella remember them? Make Bella a happy little bear by using your language skills to help Bella match her favorite words to the right images. In return, she’ll show you some of her amazing dance moves!

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Lipa Pairs

There’s a new, digital way to play the much-loved game of memory: Lipa Pairs! In Lipa Pairs, you’ll embark on a delightfully colorful journey to match animal sounds and pictures. As you play this action packed matching game, you’ll discover tons of fun animals and test your Scientific skills. But, the question is, will you remember where the animals are?

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Can you believe the year is nearly half over?!

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