Smart Apps For Android: Pet Escape 1: Vocabulary & Dolch Sight Words Reading & Spelling Game (best educational Android kids apps)

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Pet Escape 1: Vocabulary & Dolch Sight Words Reading & Spelling Game (best educational Android kids apps)

Don't you love it when you come across the right app at the right time? That is what has happened to me with Pet Escape 1. My daughter is a beginner reader and is getting quite good at sounding out words, but when it comes to reading sentences, she gets bogged down sounding out every word when she could be reading more fluently. That is where Dolch sight words come in. They are a set of words that comprise up to 75% of all text that children will read, i.e. the most commonly read words by kids. If children can read these carefully chosen (according to statistics) words, then they can read just about anything put in front of them. Pet Escape 1 gives the practice kids need without the boring flash cards.


In-app purchases for more levels
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What's free: Mission 1 (includes 12 levels), 120 words
What's not free: Missions 2-4, another 360 words


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The story of Pet Escape 1 is that all the children's pets have been kidnapped and it is the mission of the player to set the pets free by reading sight words to be awarded keys to the cages. There are four missions, the first one being included. Each mission has 12 levels, and each level requires the player to read 10 sight words within 40 seconds to achieve the level. After three levels, the player is rewarded with a key to unlock one of the kidnapped animals. Two words appear on the screen, one of which is narrated and the player simply taps the correct word. A correct answer progresses the dog at the bottom of the screen and an incorrect answer simply means the player has to read an extra word to achieve ten correctly read words.

Having a time limit means children need to read each word quickly and do not have time to sound out the words. The presentation of the app as a game with the goal of freeing kidnapped pets is appealing to young children who will be motivated to keep trying if they fail to complete a level. As a reward for completing a level, there is also a bonus Flappy Bird style game where the player needs to keep the puppy flying to catch the floating bones. I have recommended Brainster apps before, and this one is no exception to the high quality presentation that we have come to expect. I strongly recommend downloading Pet Escape 1, and making use of the quarter of the app that is free.




Help your child to develop fluency in reading! This app is perfect for beginning readers. It allows them to practice words most frequently used in the English language, what researchers call “high frequency words”. Learning and memorizing these words help to accelerate your child’s reading development.

It’s a race against the clock, and players must tap the word card that matches the word said aloud. For each correct answer, the player earns a star. After reaching 30 stars, a special key is given that unlocks a cage and frees a pet. From puppies to penguins, 16 pets need the help of a reading hero to free them from the pet-nappers! Includes a fun “Flappy Dog” reward game to recognize achievement at different levels.

Children with very limited reading skills will gain confidence as they recognize the correct words and letter sounds. Playing this app aids in memorization of high frequency words as players are drilled until mastery is achieved. Word lists come from Dolch Sight Words (pre primer, primer and 1st grade) and Fry Word lists (first 400).

Beginning in kindergarten, Common Core standards require students to have the ability to recognize frequently used words by sight, without having to sound out the letters individually. Pet Escape is a practice drill app that makes learning and memorizing these words fun!

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