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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Red Herring: A categorical challenge (best free Android kids apps)

From the developer who brought us 7 Little Words, comes this new word game app that is a great way to stretch children's minds and a fantastic app for small group work. The idea is simple: sort words into category lists, but with 50 free levels and three levels of difficulty, there is plenty there to keep kids going for quite a while. I am a list lover and do believe that sorting/categorizing is a fundamental life skill that children can learn through play on mobile devices. Red Herring is a great free app that you can add to if you so desire. Definitely worth downloading.

In-app purchases to buy more puzzle packs

What's free: One puzzle pack (50 levels)
What's not free: Another seven puzzle packs


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Each screen is filled with words that need to be sorted into categories. Some words may fit in more than one category and other words will fit nowhere (the red herrings). There is only one way that the puzzle can be solved, however, despite there being three levels of difficulty in the way it is presented. The Easy level shows the category titles at the top of the screen, highlights the words that are already sorted into the correct category and has the puzzle already partially solved. The Normal level highlights the words already sorted and has the puzzle partially solved, but the categories are not labeled until they are filled. The Hard level does not have any words highlighted so there is no way of telling if the puzzle is partially solved already. It also does not have the category labels until they are filled, but there are hints available if your students are finding it too difficult.

The free puzzle pack has 50 levels and categories include colors, animals, food, golf course features and many more. The other seven puzzle packs available via in-app purchasing also have 50 levels and include categories such as things that run, evergreens and president's middle names. This is a great app for the classroom, particularly as a small group collaborative task or could even be used as an individual reward for quickly completed work. The three levels of difficulty mean children can restart each level and give themselves more of a challenge the next time. I will definitely be using this one this term with my kids.




How to play Red Herring:

1. Group words into categories.
2. Look out for the Red Herrings, pesky little words whose sole purpose is to mislead you.
3. Have fun!

Red Herring is a unique new puzzle game. Each puzzle has only one correct solution and there's no time limit. Three difficulty levels make it suitable for the whole family.

Red Herring is FUN, CHALLENGING, and EASY TO LEARN. Don't say we didn't warn you if you can't stop playing. Give Red Herring a try today!

From the creators of 7 Little Words and Moxie.


Red Herring contains 50 puzzles that you can play for free. Additional puzzles are available for purchase inside the app.

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