Smart Apps For Android: Review: Bo's School Day (best Android apps for kids)

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Review: Bo's School Day (best Android apps for kids)

Bottom Line: Last year, I reviewed Bo’s School Day over on our sister site, SAFK, and gave it 4-1/2 stars. I thought it was time to revisit the app and update my review over here for Android. What I found is that we still love Bo around my house and that this app has lost none of its luster with many (many, many) repeated play sessions. Again it is a very STRONG 4-1/2 stars.

Price: $2.99                    Size: 26.9MB                    Number of activities: 10


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Bo’s School Day is one of many apps from Dutch developer Heppi. If you are unfamiliar with the Bo apps, this is a great one to jump right in with. The format of many of the Bo apps is that they consist of several mini games (in this case ten) that help a child approach a new routine or situation. This app consists of ten scenes that take Bo from home in the morning straight through to pick-up in the afternoon.

In the first scene, your child helps Bo prepare a healthy lunch and pack his backpack, then it’s off to school. After arriving at school, the user helps Bo and all of his classmates hang up their jackets and bags in the proper place. If only I could get my kids to hang up their own stuff so well.

Next, Bo and his friends sing a cute song about the days of the week. Your child can also “forecast” the weather for the week. I tried to encourage my little one to choose sunshine every day, but she had much more realistic expectations and developed a much more varied forecast. Then it’s off to music class where your little user is asked to recreate a sequence involving drums and cymbals.

A rousing game of tag on the playground is the next activity, and it gives your little one an opportunity to count up to the requested number of “tags.” Snack time comes next, and your child has the chance to serve snacks to Bo and his friends and help them eat before cleaning everything up.

After snack time comes classroom time. The user builds towers with blocks and taps shapes into the proper place. And then it’s clean-up time again. I love this part, because we are currently struggling with differing viewpoints about what constitutes “clean” at our house. We need all the help we can get.

When it’s finally time for the moms and dads to pick up their giraffes . . . er . . . kids, Bo and his friends are dressed and ready to go. The player matches up the correct child with each parent as they arrive.

From the home screen you can also access a jigsaw puzzle app with ten separate puzzles, each with three difficulty options. The graphics and simplicity of use are both of the excellent quality I have come to expect from the Bo apps. There is just something so darn inviting to smaller children about this giraffe, and we also found his school friends to be equally appealing.

One thing I love about the Bo apps is that there is always a large variety of activities to occupy your little one. I do wish, however, that there was a bit more of a challenge in some of the activities. For example, I really feel that most children would benefit from longer sequences in the music class section or larger block towers to build. I think that beefing up this kind of content could really move this app up to five stars.

This app can offer your preschool child a taste of what a day at school could be like by helping Bo the Giraffe and his friends complete tasks throughout the school day. Even though my little one is a whole year older than when we first tried this app, she has not yet grown bored of Bo.

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Kelli is looking forward to chilling out with her crew this weekend, after a long and difficult week.

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