Smart Apps For Android: REVIEW - My Incredible Body: For Kids! (best educational Android kids apps)

Sunday, May 11, 2014

REVIEW - My Incredible Body: For Kids! (best educational Android kids apps)

Bottom line: An excellent visual representation of various systems of the body. My Incredible Body is a brilliant free educational resource for teachers and homeschoolers that helps children understand how their body works. A must-have app.

Price: FREE             Size: 346MB

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App explained: The app is divided into eight sections - brain & nerves (nervous system), digestion (digestive system), lungs & air (respiratory system), skeleton (skeletal system), kidneys & urine (urinary system), senses, muscles (muscle system) and circulation (circulatory system). Each section is then further broken down into smaller sections that present the information in slightly different ways.

There are 3D virtual models of all of the systems of the body, with relevant sections highlighted and the ability to layer them all at once in the body. Children are able to manipulate the images to view body parts from all angles. The graphics are really incredible and with animation, give a really clear presentation of how the body systems work. In fact, the graphics are so good, some kids may be a little freaked out by the skinless person.

Pros/Cons: Amazing content for the price. The amount of information and the excellent quality of the presentation make this an app worth paying for, but it is completely free. Rather than being an app of flashcards or static pictures, My Incredible Body has really made use of technology and presented the body systems in an innovative way. The app is easily linked to the curriculum and would be great for individual students on a tablet, or projected on a larger screen for a whole class session.

What appears to be missing from the app, however, is some kind of test of the student's learning. There are no opportunities for children to apply their newly acquired knowledge. Because there is nothing required of the student, there is no progress tracking or customizability. In that regard, it simply is an amazing text book that students can learn from and share together. Students may learn a lot from this app, but there is no way of telling what/how much.

Suggestions for updates: My Incredible Body could be a complete learning tool if there were activities that provided opportunity for students to consolidate their learning. The app could perhaps have some multiple choice questions, a puzzle, a labeling activity or even some way of recording a verbal explanation of how a body system works. A lot of the body systems are already presented in this app, but future updates could include others such as the lymphatic system, the reproductive system and the endocrine system.

Summary: A fabulous educational resource that is excellently presented and very useful to both teachers and homeschoolers. Brilliant value for free and highly recommended.

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