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Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Top Ten Android Potty Training Apps for Kids (best Android kids apps)

Those of you who aren't currently potty training a child might not look upon this list with the same glee as the parents of a three-year-old boy who refuses to pee anywhere except in his diaper or off the back deck.  Um, not that I've been there . . . but if I HAD, I sure would have appreciated a little help to make the whole potty training process a little easier and more fun. Luckily for those of you still in that era, there are now loads of apps available to use in your time of need. We've put together a list of ten great ones, five of which are free.

<<<<<<< Kelli PROMISES that she has never actually let her children use the iPad while on the potty.

Potty Training: Learning with the Animals (winner Award ColumbiaTic 2013) — Your little one will start to learn the “gotta-go-to-the-potty” signs that the little animals have and begin to recognize them in themselves. Watching and encouraging all of the animals to go to the big kid potty sets a positive mood for potty training.

   $1.99                                          $2.45
Available on Amazon Appstore          Get it on Google Play

Potty Time – I love their description on the app store…”From hugs and high-fives to stickers and Snickers, there are many ways to encourage potty training.” Any parent knows that sometimes you go with whatever works. This app offers different rewards for your kiddo’s successes.  They can choose to play a game or read a book with you, among other things. There is also a printable chart to post on your fridge.

Get it on Google Play

Potty Baby – Designed to help parents keep their little ones on a potty-training schedule and track the outcomes. This app is designed as a tool for the parents, not for the children’s entertainment.

   Fully FREE                                Fully FREE
Available on Amazon Appstore          Get it on Google Play

Potty Time with Elmo (Kindle Tablet Edition) – Whether you Elmo him or not (and I do, I reeeeeeeally do), you can’t argue with the fact that he’s an engaging little fellow who can encourage kids like no other.  My oldest, who was well past potty training age when I got my first iPad, had a Potty Time Elmo toy that helped us through. The app takes things to a whole new level.

Available on Amazon Appstore

The New Potty — Little Critter — Oh, the lessons we learn from Little Critter and his family. This book follows Little Critter’s sister as she learns to use her new potty. Frustrations and triumph with a lot of Little Critter charm.

   $1.99                                          $1.99
Available on Amazon Appstore          Get it on Google Play

Once Upon a Potty (Girl/Boy) – In these two separate apps we watch Prudence and Joshua learn what a potty is (and is not) for. These eBooks have many interactive surprises and two sing-a-longs for your kids.

   $1.99 Boy                                   $1.99 Boy
Available on Amazon Appstore          Get it on Google Play

   $1.99 Girl                                   $1.99 Girl
Available on Amazon Appstore          Get it on Google Play

See Me Go Potty — How it works:
1. Use a simple menu to create a cartoon avatar that physically resembles your child/children.
2. Let your child repeatedly play the Go Pee Pee and Go Poo Poo narratives showing him/herself successfully complete the whole process of using the potty step by step.
3. Show your child the Accident Scene narrative to teach what an “accident” is.

   $0.99                                         $4.99
Available on Amazon Appstore          Get it on Google Play

Potty Training Game — Help your kids get excited about using the toilet with this Potty Training Game from Russpuppy. The fun bear character in this game plays with toys, but when it's time to go potty the bear has to leave them and go to the bathroom right away! After the bear successfully goes to the potty, your child can pick a reward sticker for the sticker chart. Say goodbye to diapers and hello to potty training! PLEASE NOTE: This app has in-app purchase(s), but it is behind a built-in child lock feature to make it easy for parents (but difficult for children) to access. If you unlock this app with the in app purchase you can pick new underwear for the bear, choose from more stickers for the sticker chart, and more.

   $1.49 (IAP)                                FREE (IAP)
Available on Amazon Appstore          Get it on Google Play

Toilet Training-BabyBus — A lot of parents worry because their children don’t want to use the toilet or don’t use it properly. The "Toilet Training" app teaches potty training in a clear and fun way. It is designed for children aged under 3 and shows real life situations through cute graphics and sounds. It will guide your children towards developing a habit of properly going to the toilet.

   Fully FREE                                Fully FREE
Available on Amazon Appstore          Get it on Google Play

Pepi Bath Lite — Pepi Bath is a role-play game where children learn about hygiene in a fun way. Pepi Bath can be played both as a set process of cleaning or without any pre-set sequence, where the player is free to choose what they do. In Pepi Bath there are no stress or win-lose situations. With Pepi Play children develop their sense of humor instead. Pepi characters respond interactively and express their emotions. Even objects in Pepi Bath are like little characters. We suggest parents playing Pepi Bath along with their children for even more fun or some handy information. Recommended ages: 2-8

   FREE Lite Version                     FREE Lite Version
Available on Amazon Appstore          Get it on Google Play

Cartoon cowgirlKelli thinks that a Snickers as a reward for pottying might not be a bad idea at any stage of life.

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