Smart Apps For Android: Yeehaw! Cowboy Math Adventure Games for Kids (good free android math apps for kids)

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Yeehaw! Cowboy Math Adventure Games for Kids (good free android math apps for kids)

Yeehaw! I’m a firm believer that everything is more fun the cowboy way.  So I was pretty stoked to find Cowboy Math Adventure Games for Kids, a new math app with a cute little cowboy to add to my princess’ growing arsenal of educational apps that we are going to put to good use this summer as we get her ready for big school. Public 4K could be considered big school, right?

We’ve been practicing sequencing and shape matching, along with our favorites – addition and subtraction.  Her favorite is, of course, finding the cowboy’s horse(s).  All of these games are on a very simple and user friendly platform.

I just wish we'd had the option to play it as a cowgirl.

This cute little app is FREE for now in the Amazon Appstore (normally $2.99), so run get it while you can.

No ads, no in-app purchases, no external links

If you would like to download Cowboy Math Adventure Games for Kids, please use the handy little link below so they’ll know who sent you.
Remember, only an app's developer can control the pricing. This app was verified as free at the time of this writing.

Free (Normally $2.99)

Screen Shots:


From Amazon:
Product Features
·       Kids learn while they play:
·       Use your addition and subtraction math genius skills to solve math problems. Help add and subtract the cowboy's fruits and vegetables.
·       SIZE
·       Is it big or small? Help the cowboy figure it out.
·       Is it a circle? Perhaps a pentagon? Help by matching the object to the shadow.
·       What is the missing number? A good activity and exercise for kids to recall numbers and number sequences easily.
·       COUNTING
·       Help find the Cowboy's horse, and count them all.

Product Description

For ages 3 to 6.

The Cowboy Super Math Adventures is a free app that features interactive, engaging, fun and cool math games that teach children about counting, matching, missing number, sizes, adding and subtracting.

The app uses Family Play enabled technology to adjust the difficulty as they play or to hone in on one area and drill that. 
Kelli spent the day on a second grade field trip to watch a minor league baseball game... in the rain.

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