Smart Apps For Android: 75% OFF! Preschoolers ABC Playground — A Read and Write ABC Learning App for Kids (best educational Android kids apps)

Monday, June 09, 2014

75% OFF! Preschoolers ABC Playground — A Read and Write ABC Learning App for Kids (best educational Android kids apps)

You do not want to miss this sale! Jan Essig's apps are some of the best apps for preschoolers on Android with their excellently presented educational games. Preschoolers ABC Playground includes six mini-games that cover letter recognition, handwriting and simple spelling. There are so many options to customize play for your little one, including a choice of fonts and difficulty level, as well as American, British and Australian English being supported in this app. To keep kids motivated with the mini-games, there is a bonus Yeti game which kids need to earn apples for. Apples are earned by playing the learning games, and then used by the Yeti in the bonus game. If you are looking for a decent app for preschoolers that they will find fun while learning their ABCs, then look no further. This app is for you and great value at $1.19. Do not miss this discount, I tell you!

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You’re looking for something to help your animal-loving preschooler develop the solid foundation they need for literacy success and you love the idea of putting basic skills in context rather than teaching them in isolation.

Preschoolers ABC Playground is the app for you. Designed to engage preschoolers and help them learn the basics, the app also grows with your child. As your little ones are learning their letters you can show them how they are written and how they fit together to make words. As your child’s confidence increases, Preschoolers ABC Playground gives them a way to both learn and practice writing and reading - all in just one app. For breaks, rewards or just fun, the app also includes a simple but addictive physics game - the more your kids learn and practice, the more they get to play!

While playing the games in Preschoolers ABC Playground your child will be learning:

• Letter sounds and names
• Upper and lower case letters
• Alphabetical order
• How to put letters together to create basic words
• How to write both upper and lower case letters
• 5 different fonts are available
• 6 different languages are supported, plus options for either American, Australian or British English.

The 7 different sections in the app are:
• FLASHCARDS. Introduce each upper case letter by both name and sound, together with a different animal to associate with every letter. You can also choose to trace each letter to demonstrate how it’s written.

• ALPHABET. The first exercise in this section shows upper and lower case letters in alphabetical order, together with their animal partners. A matching game then gets your kids dragging and dropping upper case tiles onto their lower case counterparts or vice versa. A third exercise asks your child to pair together upper case letters with the correct animals.

• PAIRS. There are three versions of the classic memory card game in this section. Match upper case letters, upper and lower case letters or upper case letters and animal pairs.

• WORDS. Unscramble letters to spell animal names. There are three different levels of difficulty - beginner, advanced and Pro.

• PRACTICE. Gives your kid lots of practice tracing upper and lower case letters.

• WRITE. A drawing board where children can practice on either a blank page or one with ruled lines. If they want to copy letters then there are tiles available that they can drag and drop onto the board.

• YETI and his flying apple(core) - as a break, a reward or just for fun! If your child is spending too long playing this game then you can either limit their playtime in settings or hide the game completely.

This app was developed by me together with my children, incorporating feedback from parents and educators. It won the Editor’s Choice Award from Children’s Technology Review and gave it 5/5 stars, saying:

“Simply put, this is the best app we have yet seen for early letter learning. The attention to detail and range of options is outstanding and we highly recommend it for Early Years teachers.”

And you don’t have to worry about your children playing independently with my apps because I take their privacy and online safety very seriously. My apps include:

• no links to websites outside the app
• no ads
• no data collection or tracking
• no social media sharing
• no in-app purchases

For detailed information on our privacy policy, visit

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