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Sunday, June 01, 2014

ABC Mysteriez: Hidden Letters Free (free educational Android kids apps)

There are a million (+1) hidden object apps to be downloaded, but few that I will personally recommend. ABC Mysteriez: Hidden Letters Free is one that I need to draw your attention to for a number of reasons:
i) the quality of the app. Absolutist always present their apps with exceptional graphics;
ii) no ads. There is nothing worse than ads distracting from game play;
iii) value for money. Even this free version has loads to go on;
iv) educational value. Without realising it, your child will be practicing letter recognition.
For a limited time, the full version is on sale for $1.99 so take your pick! Download at least one version today!

In-app purchases for more packs
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What's free: half of one pack (five scenes)
What's not free: six and a half more packs (another 65 more scenes)


   FREE (IAP) Lite Version             $2.99 Full Version now $1.99 for a limited time
Available on Amazon Appstore           Available on Amazon Appstore

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The various packs available in the full version of this game are themed around Olympics, Christmas, Post Apocalypse, Trivia, Flashbacks, Hobbies and Retro. The object of the game is simple enough: find the hidden letters of the alphabet. Each letter appears once in each scene but they are so subtly incorporated into the image that some of them are very tricky to find. There are hints available to help, however, and although this is a timed game, the player can always try again for each scene. There is also the ability to zoom in, which is very helpful for the letters that are links in a chain for example.

Multiple profiles can be created meaning all members of the family can enjoy this app without spoiling the results for another. In the full version, there is also blitz mode which gives access to levels even from locked packs. Please note that the sale is for the full version and that purchasing the full version from the free version of the app will not be at the discounted price. Searching for environmental text is a great way to keep your preschooler's letter recognition skills sharp over the summer break. In fact, once you have finished with this app, you can continue playing "find the letters" off screen wherever you are!




Welcome to the amazing world of ABC Mysteriez: Hidden Letters, a pure hidden object game. Discover 26 hidden letters of English alphabet in the incredible graphics environment. Streets, stations, mystery castles and a great number of other spectacular locations make the quest fun and amusing. This is a great example of ABC family games and an exciting way for kids to learn basic language skills. Though the game is quite a challenge for everyone, you can play with your children to learn letters and develop attention.

This is not an ordinary puzzle game, ABC Mysteriez: Hidden Letters offers long hours journey through eye captivating scenes accompanied by pleasant music. This is a great opportunity to learn while playing. Launch your expedition to discover hidden wonders and to solve top unsolved mysteries.

Please note: A Wi-Fi connection is required to download the game.

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Finding letters/words is a game that Cas plays with her daughter whenever they are out and about.

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