Smart Apps For Android: Feed Garfield for half price (the app's half price, not the cat food) — currently $0.99

Monday, June 16, 2014

Feed Garfield for half price (the app's half price, not the cat food) — currently $0.99

That Garfield is one seriously lazy cat, and I respect that about him. He’s gone and duped Odie into finding his food and feeding him while Jon is out of town. Odie has to use smarts and cunning (or maybe it’s dumb luck, I’m not sure) to get the lasagnas into Garfield’s bowl. If he’s not successful, he gets locked up with Nermal… and nobody wants that.

Feed Garfield is on sale for $0.99 right now (from $1.99), so why don’t you give it a try?


No ads. App does include in-app purchases and external links (so set your device accordingly).


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Remember, only a developer can determine the price of an app. This price was verified at the time of this post.

$0.99 (normally $1.99)

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$0.99 (normally $1.99)

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From Amazon:
Product Features
·       One of Garfield's awesome adventures is now in a puzzle game
·       Simple yet challenging gameplay
·       Awesome Garfield graphics and BGM
·       45 fun and mind-boggling levels to enjoy
·       Helpful and handy tools to unlock and avail
·       9 hidden objects to collect for bonus levels
·       List of achievements to accomplish for 12 wallpapers and other freebies
·       Connect to GameCircle Achievements

Product Description
**Big Savings to celebrate Garfield's Birthday: $0.99 Only for Limited Time!**

** Garfield & Odie’s great food heist has begun!

Jon went on a weekend getaway to Hawaii with Liz. But before leaving for the trip, he made sure he secured all the food in the house to prevent Garfield from pigging out. But while Jon’s away, the cat must play. Garfield needs to find a way to get his paws on some sweet sustenance!

Proving that hunger is the mother of invention, Garfield has devised a cunning plan and enlisted Odie’s help. Odie must track down all the food and bring it straight to Garfield’s bowl. What a lazy cat! If Odie doesn’t cooperate, Garfield has threatened to lock the dog in a room with Nermal, the world’s cutest — but most annoying — kitten. Thus a food filching partnership is born!

** Another one of Garfield ‘s awesome adventures is now in a puzzle game! Use your gameplay tactics to feed your favorite hungry fat cat!

Feed Garfield is a puzzle game that involves physics and careful planning skills. Help Odie shoot the food into Garfield's bowl using different tools that will be provided as you play.

Use different tools to put food in Garfield’s bowl!

Odie has to use his hunting skills to sniff out the food. Once he finds the food source, he must shoot the food straight to Garfield’s bowl. It’s a tough challenge for the dopey dog, but he knows he has to feed the kitty!

Odie needs to make sure the food will go straight into Garfield's bowl. But wait, there's more! Help Odie drop the food and get all the lasagna along the way. There are 3 pieces of lasagna strategically placed in every stage.

Hidden objects, bonus levels and wallpapers galore!

Work your way through the game and collect hidden objects along the way to get special-edition Garfield wallpapers and unlock bonus levels!


If you get stuck in the game, use Hints to get clues on how to solve that particular stage. But you must remember, use your Hints wisely. You will only be given a few. You can always get more hints inside the shop.

Don’t make a hungry cat wait. Feed Garfield now!


In the past, Kelli was a cat person. But then she got tired of being ignored.

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