Smart Apps For Android: Five Books from Sandra Boynton - currently $1.99 each! (Normally $3.99 - a 50% savings!)

Friday, June 20, 2014

Five Books from Sandra Boynton - currently $1.99 each! (Normally $3.99 - a 50% savings!)

When my kids were really, really little some of their favorite books were from Sandra Boynton. Those colorful little books with their super adorable animal characters could make my children laugh and laugh. We still have a half a dozen or so up on our bookshelves, because I only passed on the ones that weren't gnawed on around the edges (because that's what a teething tot does with hard cardboard books, isn't it?)

It sure would have been nice to have all those books in app form back in the day, and if I still had tiny kids I'd be hopping on this deal to get some great Sandra Boynton deals for half price on Amazon. At $1.99 each, they are a steal.

If you'd like to download any of these book apps, please use the handy links provided so they'll know who sent you. 
And remember, only a developer can determine the price of an app. These sale prices were verified at the time of this post, but are subject to change.

(Descriptions are from Amazon.)

Blue Hat, Green Hat
In this delightful story, three earnest animals and one misguided turkey learn colors and clothes. Though, admittedly, the turkey never quite gets the hang of it. Far beyond any e-book experience, the Blue Hat, Green Hat interactive book app has all the magic and appeal of a traditional pop-up book, offering lively interactivity and nifty discovery.

 $1.99 (Normally $3.99)

But Not the Hippopotomus
A shy hippopotamus is hesitant to join in the fun that the other animals are having. But little by little, the hippo finds her courage. A fine and funny classic, with over two million copies in print, But Not the Hippopotamus is a favorite anytime book for little readers and their parents. 

 $1.99 (Normally $3.99)

Moo, Baa, La La La
Sandra Boynton's best-selling book comes alive with sound and movement and gloriously unpredictable interaction. The quirky innovation of the Moo, Baa, La La La! e-book will intrigue and amuse little kids and big people alike, and perhaps even elicit an appreciative snort from the occasional uninvited rhinoceros.

 $1.99 (Normally $3.99)

The Going to Bed Book
For any child that is reluctant to go to bed, there is the Sandra Boynton book, The Going to Bed Book. This sweet and silly book can be just the ticket to getting your child to wind down and go to sleep. Loud Crow Interactive has brought this beloved, and wildly best-selling book to interactive life in The Going to Bed Book - Boynton app.

 $1.99 (Normally $3.99)

Barnyard Dance
Stomp your feet! Clap your hands! Everybody get ready for Barnyard Dance! Kids, adults, cows, and ducks all join a rollicking square dance in this terrifically interactive musical version of Sandra Boynton's much-adored board book.

 $1.99 (Normally $3.99)


Kelli's favorite Boynton book was always The Belly Button Book. She's not sure what that says about her.

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