Smart Apps For Android: 13 FREE (IAP) Apps From Mathtoons Media (free educational Android kids apps)

Saturday, June 21, 2014

13 FREE (IAP) Apps From Mathtoons Media (free educational Android kids apps)

Immediately, upon looking at this list of apps, you may recognise Number Crush because I included it in Fully Free App Friday just gone. The rest of the Mathtoons Media apps are free, with in-app purchases, and are pretty cool so I am presenting them to you today for our Super Sunday Free List. There are apps for both Math and English and the material is presented is such as way as to distract children from the difficulty of the task. Mathtoons Media prides itself in making math easy enough for your child to understand so that you as a parent do not have to try relearn it again in order to help your child. Why not download and try for yourself. That is the beauty of free trial versions. You can try before you buy and see if these apps will suit your child's needs. Go for it.

Number Crush

Increase your number sense, improve pattern recognition and become a MATH master while laughing your way through this game! Mathtoons is a TOP RANKED education app team dedicated to making math FUN and EASY! Join 100,000 users who train their brains by playing fun games that increase learning and algebra ability!

Get it on Google Play

Idiom Stories

Laugh out loud while you learn important and essential English Language idioms. Created by teachers and tested by students, this app offers maximum fun with hilarious illustrations and lots of jokes! Play this Idiom Stories game to quickly learn and enjoy knowing the most important English idioms for TOEFL, English Language proficiency tests such as Cambridge, CAEL, ELPT and IELPT.

Get it on Google Play

ThUMP Ultimate Pre-Calculus

The TOP precalculus math game to help you get ready for college calculus. Join thousands of precalculus students who love to use games + learning to prepare for algebra, trigonometry, geometry and calculus. Designed by expert educators, master mathematicians and amazing game designers, ThUMP is The Ultimate Math Practice for helping you improve every skill in high school mathematics. From numbers to exponents to equations and graphs, all precalculus math topics are covered here.

Get it on Google Play

English Verbs!!

Play your way through ENGLISH GRAMMAR practice with this awesome GAME – that's right, a game. Seriously. If you need to improve English as a Second Language, or even if you need to brush up your skills for American conversation, grab this FUN skills quiz and learn how to recognize past, present and future verb tenses, how to make use of contractions, conjunctions, and tons more!!

Get it on Google Play

Algebra Basics

Get mathtastic and practice your ALGEBRA SKILLS by playing this uber-fun game and reviewing the basics of algebra such as: variables, terms, math expressions, equations and more! We got graphics, animation, and loud noises to help make you a PRO at solving equations and getting ready for calculus and college math courses!! Aligned with UK GCSE, US Common Core, SAT and other standard math tests, this brain training app will get you ready for any math course you choose… with a vengeance!!

Get it on Google Play

Algebra Advanced

Challenge and upgrade your algebra skills while having mega fun playing a game that takes you through intermediate algebra practice including factoring, polynomials, rational expressions, all the way to sequences and series and even matrix manipulation and calculation!! College level questions get you ready for ACT, SAT and GCSE tests while you train your math brain!!!

Get it on Google Play

Math Exponents

Top Math Teacher recommended app!! This app guarantees the BEST ALGEBRA quiz questions to help you rock your high school, college and university level math and algebra skills using a game (that's right a game) that will get you *ready* for math courses, SAT, ACT, GCSE or any algebra, calculus or math course!! Fill your brain here and become a math master by playing this fun educational app NOW!! Do it!!!

Get it on Google Play

Trig Math Pro

This fun, brain-smashing MATH GAME (that's right, a GAME) helps you practice and remember the essentials of trigonometry so you can ACE your high school, college or university math course in pre-calculus, calculus or preparation for SAT, ACT or GCSE. This TOP TEACHER designed app will get you ready quickly and easily so you will recognize and calculate trigonometry problems easily!!

Get it on Google Play

Calculus Intro

### Master calculus *quick* and *easy* with this fun CALCULUS GAME! ### This app is PERFECT for the beginner calculus high school, college or university math student. FUN games move you from easy math concepts to algebra and tougher introductory calculus concepts. Practice your math, algebra and calculus skills while enjoying humour, graphics and an easy GAME!

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Math Equations

Algebra drills are turned into a game and you will learn all the basics of equations, algebra, pre-calculus and quick tricks to make you a MATH ZEN MASTER!!! Get ready for college and university courses by practicing your skills at factoring, solving, graphing, and more and ACE your tests for the SAT, ACT, GCSE and other college entry tests!!!

Get it on Google Play

Grammar Fun!!

**TOP** rated Teacher created and Teacher approved game to learn English grammar. Whether you are preparing for English exams, TOEFL, SAT, ACT or just looking to upgrade your skills with written and spoken English, this app provides a SUPER FUN way to try hilarious exercises that challenge your grammar knowledge!! Created by teachers and tested by students.

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Geometry Pro!

PLAY your way through this FUN geometry practice GAME by testing your skills at area, perimeter, shapes, volume, formulas and MORE! TOP teachers have designed the best math questions to prepare you for all the geometry quizzes you need to get you ready for high school, college and university math courses in calculus and engineering!! Or play this great MATH GAME to test your brain training skills that challenge your geometry and math abilities!!!

Get it on Google Play

Math Skillz

Practice your numeracy and number skills NOW and prepare for Algebra, Precalculus and Calculus college and university math courses using this ultra funtastic math GAME!! Upgrade your arithmetic for high school and become a Math Ninja by testing your fraction, percent and mental arithmetic. Quiz yourself with brain training exercises that help you add, subtract, multiply, divide and test your memory of foundational math, arithmetic and number practice!!! Math just got real, yo.

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