Smart Apps For Android: FREE TODAY ONLY Fingerpaint Magic Pro - kids get creative without all the mess! (best creative Android kids apps)

Saturday, June 21, 2014

FREE TODAY ONLY Fingerpaint Magic Pro - kids get creative without all the mess! (best creative Android kids apps)

Recently I read an article that said creative minds work faster. Whether or not that is a causal relationship, I missed that detail, but nevertheless I am a strong advocate for nurturing the arts in our children. Let us give them opportunities to explore music, dance, fine arts and creative problem solving in any way we can. Here is an app to help with that! Fingerpaint Magic Pro is today's free app on Amazon and because it has no in-app purchases, it means that today only it is Fully FREE! Obviously, exploring colors and strokes is much much better done with real art materials, but this is a nice substitute for when the kids have gone to grandma's for the night. Enjoy!



   $1.99 Full Version Now FREE Today Only June 21, 2014
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   FREE (IAP) Lite Version
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15 brushes each with 4 settings (thickness, life, velocity and tilt), 5 color palettes, 12 backgrounds and a mirror function means there are a myriad of options for your kids to choose from. I know there is a mathematical formula to work out the combinations available, but there is no limit on how your kids move their finger across the screen. Strokes can be undone and creations can be saved. There are no ads or external links so nothing to take your little one out of the app and into the deep abyss of the internet. Fingerpaint Magic Pro is also a great app to use for calming for kids with autism or other special needs. You cannot go wrong with this one. Especially as a freebie. Go for it!



Experience the magic of finger painting in this doodle-style art app and create amazing works of art!

From the creators of famous 'Meritum Paint' app we bring you a magical experience for the whole family to enjoy. No knowledge or experience is needed, with simple doodle style finger movements on your screen you can create true works of art! Share your art with your friends and family and create your own personalized wallpapers.


We always welcome your feedback, comments, suggestions and especially your constructive criticism – they all help us to improve Fingerpaint Magic app.
Contact us at and make sure you come and visit us at Until then, happy painting!

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