Smart Apps For Android: FREE TODAY ONLY Give My Ball Back - logic puzzler (best Android kids apps)

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

FREE TODAY ONLY Give My Ball Back - logic puzzler (best Android kids apps)

Alternate realities come head to head in this game to possess a rubber ball. A small boy, Tobias, and an alien, Moco, both believe the ball to be his. Each time the ball is taken by the other, he has to travel to the alternate reality and try to steal it back while the other is sleeping. Of course it is not as simply as sneaking in and taking it. There are a myriad of obstacles in the way to navigate past, like the cat (distract it with a fish tank) or the dog (distract him with a scary shadow). I will not spoil any more of it for you, just duck on over to Amazon and download Give My Ball Back now. For FREE. Today ONLY!


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Give My Ball Back has seven languages to choose from, the option to turn of the music and also the effects. There are currently two worlds (with the promise of another coming soon) each containing 20 levels (plus bonus levels). Higher levels are unlocked once lower levels are achieved. Hints are given in the form of highlighting useful objects and once the game is completed it can be completely reset. Cute graphics and a progression in difficulty that sucks you right in to thinking "I can do this!" and then stumps you on the very next level. Great game and a nice little brain jog for the summer vacation.

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Rack your brains and try to get back the ball someone stole from you through funny, colorful and frenzied levels. Tobias is a curious kid. While he is peacefully playing in his room, his favorite ball mysteriously disappears in his wardrobe. He rushes to get it back and is hurled into Moco’s world, the mischievous shadow who took his toy. «Give my ball back!» Fight for the ball by alternately embodying Tobias and Moco through more than 40 levels which will severely test your logic. Dodge the traps cleverly set by the other one by successively activating objects, toys and animals to ultimately recover your ball without getting caught. And make sure you don’t forget to look for the stars hidden in each scene to unlock bonus levels.

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