Smart Apps For Android: Fully Free App Friday for June 13, 2014 (best free Android kids apps)

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Fully Free App Friday for June 13, 2014 (best free Android kids apps)

Hooray! It's Fully Free App Friday, finally. Did this week go slowly for anybody else? While things are warming up in America, it is cooling down in Australia, and tonight I had to do the dishes just to warm myself up! Now I can sit back and relax and enjoy this week's selection of cost-free/ad-free apps with my kids. Today we have a diary app (for summer break journaling), a video filter (for safe viewing for your kids), a dress-up app, a nursery rhyme app and lots more including NASA!

** Please note ** Pricing and dates are correct at the time of publishing. We endeavor to include only apps that have no in-app purchases and no advertising. Only the app's developer can control when an app is free.**

Science Today

Science news that goes beyond the headlines. Science Today is the California Academy of Sciences’ channel for current stories on cutting-edge technologies, life, Earth, space, sustainability and Academy Research. Videos and articles are produced in-house and can also be found throughout the museum, and on our website.

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Star Fall

Catch a falling star and be quick about it! This game is filled with shooting stars that move very quickly, and you have to catch them very quickly too! The object of the game is to click on the most recently appearing stars to gain points and pass each level. You got to be fast in this visually stunning game!

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Toon Goggles Cartoons for Kids

With the Toon Goggles Video Streaming Application, anyone can watch 100% parent-friendly cartoons when and where they want. Toon Goggles is a children's entertainment online channel offering an unlimited amount of child and parent friendly cartoons (clips, trailers, episodes, and features) for FREE. Toon Goggles is a completely safe and protected web site for children of all ages to view cartoons that have never been available to them.

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Play N' Learn Clock

Do you have a child just learning to tell Time? If so, loading up the "Play N' Learn Clock" into your Android device will give your child an interactive clock to play and to learn telling time. Simply touch the dial and move the finger to adjust time. The time is also displayed in digital format. By touching the digital time your kid can also hear the announcement of time.

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Memoires: the Diary

Memoires gives a way to quickly enter life moments, thought, memories or notes, capture photos, audio or insert images from gallery. Memoires automatically detects and attaches to a memo the location, addresses, weather and moon phases. It also accepts text and images from other apps. To keep records and images confidential, Memoires uses password protection and strong encryption.

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Number Maze

The goal of Number Maze is to make your way from the upper left hand corner of the maze to the lower right hand corner. You can travel up, down, left, and right but not diagonally. The path you take from start to end must respect the numeric row and column constraints. For example, if a row/column has the number 5 beside/above it then you must have exactly 5 dots in that row/column.

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Paperdoll Dress-up Kids

Fun paperdoll dressup game for kids! Change outfits by touching different items of clothing. You can also change the doll's gender, skin color, and background. Lots of clothes to pick from.
• Change outfits by touching different items of clothing
• Choose the doll's gender, skin color, and backgrounds

(note- contains ads for other apps by same developer)
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Zalairos Adventures by Skoolbo

Twenty-five full audio books - over 12 hours of content – all for FREE!! There are no in-app purchases - everything is free!! They are beautifully illustrated and narrated. At the end of each story there is a comprehension section. Children can select between listening to stories or reading independently.

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Hey Diddle Diddle

The funtastic song - Hey Diddle Diddle - is free for your toddler. Interactive animations with music and funny characters, this app will be loved by your little child. Just download and try out.

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NASA: Be A Martian

· See the latest mission images of our spacecraft and those returned from the Red Planet
· Learn about Mars and all the active missions
· Ask us a question about Mars
· Get up-to-the-minute news
· Check out behind-the-scenes videos featuring people on the missions

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July is going to be busy with birthdays and Christmas in July

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