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Sunday, June 08, 2014

Fun In The Sun — DIY Water Play For Kids

Looking for ideas to keep the kids busy this summer? Feeling too hot to handle it? Something as simple as a bucket of water can keep kids happy and cool for a long time. It's what you put into the bucket that makes it interesting. Here are some great water play ideas that you can easily put together yourself (or with a friend). Why not pool resources (pardon the pun) and organize a child swap with a friend — you take their kids for a couple of hours of water play, then send your kids to them another time and take a breather yourself.

Please be mindful of any water restrictions in your area.

Let's start small — what can you do with a tray of ice? How about ice-cube painting? All you need for this activity is:
- Ice cube tray
- water
- craft sticks
- food coloring
- paper
NurseMommySuperwoman recommends doing this one outside! Check her link for instructions.

How about some ice-cube chalk this time? This time the ingredients are slightly different:
- Half cornstarch
- Half water (though I tend to use more water than cornstarch so it's easier to mix)
- Food Coloring
- Dish soap (optional, but makes clean up easier)
Reading Confetti has 7 different ways to make it as well as a variety of ways to play with it. Click the links and check it out!

Besides ice-cube trays, there are lots of other items around the house that you can repurpose for water play. This one involves getting out the unused marble run that has been waiting for the next yard sale. Don't sell it just yet! Team it up with these items:
- Plastic Marble Maze
- Marbles
- Water
- Pouring utensils ~ such as cups, bottles etc
- Trays to build your maze on
See what Housing A Forest has done with hers and some ideas for marble painting.


Another great recycling for water play idea is to make a water wall. Kids love the flexibility that a water wall can give, creating different flows of water, and even mixing up colors. Teach Preschool has created a portable water wall which you can move around according to the shade in your yard (or even according to where the grass most needs watering!) Take a look at how she made her water easel and what she has done with the other side of it.


Ok let's take it up a notch, the kids are really going to get wet with this one. Try a water balloon piñata! Make sure the water is icy cold before filling and the balloon is really full so it is easy to burst. There are another 11 ideas over at TodaysMama including:
- Water Balloon Dodge Ball
- Water Balloon Volleyball
- Water Balloon Darts

Head on over for some more water balloon activity ideas.


Last, but not least is some Nature Play. What better way to spend the day than exploring one of our greatest natural resources. If you don't have access to the beach or even a lake, a pond or creek with do! With a couple of simple items brought from home, you can make pond play not only fun but also a mini-science lesson. Learning through play is the best way for preschoolers to form theories, test them, discuss their results (with you) and consolidate their learning by repeating and sharing their activities with you. Check out what BuggyBuddy found at the pond.

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Cas is fortunate enough to live near the ocean and so regularly goes fishing. Or rather, "waiting," as she is not very successful at catching many fish.

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