Smart Apps For Android: NEW APP Lego Ultra Agents — an interactive graphic story (best free Android kids apps)

Saturday, June 14, 2014

NEW APP Lego Ultra Agents — an interactive graphic story (best free Android kids apps)

Yay — a new Lego app! That takes our Free Lego apps list to 26! I love Lego and I love that Lego can now be played wherever we are. Of course, Lego on a screen is not the same experience, but I do believe it still fuels kids' imaginations. This time, Lego Ultra Agents takes your kids into the world of Ultra Agents and Super Villains. There six missions with two parts to each: the Comic and the Game, with building instructions as rewards. What a great way to incorporate real Lego bricks and get your kids to give their eyes a break! There really is a lot in this app — it is hard to believe it is free, with no more to pay! You have to check it out.


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When I download new apps, the first thing I do is hand the device to my kids and gauge the app's intrinsic attraction by how long it keeps their attention. This one was played by my 14-year-old (Lego fanatic) and I actually had to tear the device out of his hands. I thought it was going to be more suited to a younger audience, say 6-9 year-olds, but now I think it is more like an 8+ app (which is more in line with the actual Ultra Agent Lego sets available in toy stores). The graphic novel format appeals to older kids and there are some phrases that little kids may not understand. Lego even suggests that kids ask their parents' permission to play this one.

The other reason I ask my kids to "test apps" is because I am hopeless with mini-games that require timed coordination. If it were up to me to discover all the features or find out what happens at the end, then I would never know. As it is, my kids can usually complete an app in a couple of sessions. This particular one is going to need some more playing before we reach the end. Lego Ultra Agents is cool fun for summer break, and it sneaks in some reading that your kids can add to their Summer Reading Challenge log. Better get downloading!



Astor City is under attack from a mysterious group of Super Villains! Will YOU save it?

ULTRA AGENT, this is no every day band of Super Villains, it’s going to need everything we can throw at them: our mobile command centre, quad bikes and supersonic jets are all at your disposal.

Find clues, solve mysteries and save the city by joining the new ULTRA AGENTS – Astor City’s elite crime-fighting force. Use your skills and abilities to stop TOXIKITA stealing the deadly Pollutonium from the lab. Bring down TREMOR as he tries to access the ULTRA AGENTS’ secret computer core. Dare you go head to head with INFEARNO on his flaming hover board?

- An Interactive Graphic Story in six thrilling episodes
- Sharpen your ULTRA AGENT skills with six exciting games!
- Uncover clues with special futuristic gadgets
- Find out more about the unique world of the ULTRA AGENTS
- Track your progress as you become a true ULTRA AGENT operative
PLEASE NOTE: Recommended usage on tablet devices for an optimal experience. The LEGO® ULTRA AGENTS app is free to play.
LEGO advises kids to ask for parental consent before downloading!

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One day Cas hopes to get discounted Lego, when her son becomes a Lego set designer.

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