Smart Apps For Android: Ten Great Classic Board Games for Family Game Night! (good android game apps)

Monday, June 23, 2014

Ten Great Classic Board Games for Family Game Night! (good android game apps)

One of my favorite things to do is to have a family game night. I still have a select few classic board games up in the closet that we drag out on occasion, when we shut off the technology and play them old school. But my kids much prefer playing some of them on their devices, and fortunately there are several that still allow for family game play.

The family games available for Android are numerous and my list was getting pretty huge, so I decided to split it up. Today I'm giving you a list of ten really great "classic" family board games available on Android. In a few days I am going to follow up on a list of "not-so-classic" games.

What are your favorite classic board games? Do you also play them on electronic media? Why not go download a couple of these to see how they compare? Some of them are excellent (particularly the ones from Electronic Arts and Natural Motion Games).

If you'd like to download any of these apps, please use the handy link provided so that they will know who sent you.

Monopoly - Electronic Arts Inc.
Legend has it that the modern version of the MONOPOLY board game was invented during the Depression by an unemployed man named Charles Darrow. Rebuffed by the major game companies of the time, he published it himself--and it went on to become perhaps the world's most popular board game. Now, in the 21st century, you can play the same classic game of MONOPOLY on your Kindle Fire. And it's a ton of fun.

The Game of Life Electronic Arts Inc.
Anything can happen in THE GAME OF LIFE™, which is now better than ever played on your mobile device. Enjoy amazing 3D visual effects, whimsical graphics, upbeat music, and vibrant landscapes complete with weather effects like falling snow.

Boggle Electronic Arts Inc.
Find F-U-N for FREE! Test your way with words on Kindle Fire with the BOGGLE game, the family favorite word search.
Tick-tock. Beat the clock.

Scrabble Electronic Arts Inc.
Get a game of SCRABBLE going with just about anyone--or play solo against the computer! Plus, now you can play SCRABBLE in English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, and Brazilian Portuguese.

Connect 4 -Electronic Arts Inc.
You’ve never experienced CONNECT 4 action like this. Optimized for Kindle Fire, this fun family game comes alive on mobile with amazing power-ups and brilliant graphics.

Checkers Free Optime Software
Checkers has been around for centuries, but it's never looked this good in a package this small. Take a great-looking game of checkers with you wherever you go with Checkers Free.

Chess Free Optime Software
Are you tired of playing chess games that look like they were designed for a Commodore 64 instead of today's smartphones? Here's got the antidote for you. Chess Free is the best looking chess game available for Android, and best of all - it's free! 

Hangman Free - Optime Software
Is your vocabulary big enough to save the stick man? Hangman Free brings the classic game to your mobile device with graphics and gameplay that will occupy you for hours. Take on an electronic opponent or challenge a friend to a battle of words in this chalkboard classic. Complete the secret word before you run out of guesses or the stick man gets it. With awesome graphics and realistic sound effects, Hangman Free is an addictive, fun way to kill time and build vocabulary.

Uno - Gameloft
Admit it. You are obsessed with Uno. You often wake up in the middle of the night yelling "Uno!" You chuckle with evil glee every time you hand someone a Draw Four Wild Card. Now you no longer have to carry around a deck of Uno cards with you everywhere. Gameloft has brought this classic family card game to your Android device, in all its colorful, turn-reversing glory.

Jenga - Natural Motion Games
The classic party game Jenga is now a classic party app from NaturalMotion Games. Whether you play by yourself or with friends, you'll have stacks of fun with this game no matter where you are.

One classic board game Kelli is not interested in replacing with a device is Operation. There's just something so satisfying about plucking that funny bone out without turning the patient's nose red.

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