Smart Apps For Android: WiseWord — for a daily dose of inspiration. Currently FREE! (good free Android apps)

Thursday, June 19, 2014

WiseWord — for a daily dose of inspiration. Currently FREE! (good free Android apps)

There are times when we all need a little bit of encouragement. I'm having one of those days.

WiseWord is an app that offers daily inspirational quotes, suggestions for inspirational books and movies, and motivational workout songs. Okay, I'll admit that I haven't used the workout songs yet . . . because that would require working out. And it is 400 degrees with 2000 percent humidity in Alabama this week (or it feels like that), so no working out for me. But I've been browsing through the inspirational quotes. Any app that includes quotes from Calvin & Hobbes is a winner in my book.

Currently WiseWord is free, so what have you got to lose?


No ads, no in-app purchases technically. However, there are links to purchase books and movies from Amazon so be aware. External links to social media

If you would like to download WiseWord, please use the handy link provided so they'll know who sent you.
Remember, only an app's developer can determine the price. This app was verified free at the time of this post.

Free (normally $0.99)

Screen Shots:

From Amazon:

Product Features

  • Life Improving Principles
  • Titles of Inspirational books organized in categories
  • Inspirational movie titles with quotes included
  • Motivational workout songs

Product Description

WiseWord is an application designed to help you kick start the day with inspirational and motivational quotes that can easily engage you into a fruitful state of mind and give you the energy to move towards a joyful life. Apart from receiving especially handpicked inspirational quotes daily, you will also have access to lots of different quote categories such as Wisdom, Faith, Funny, Time, Art, Life, Forgiveness etc, the ability to add your own quotes and collect your favorites. But that’s just the start – WiseWord further offers:
- Life Improving Principles (a life coaching mini-program ideal for self-development)
- 100 titles of inspirational books organized in 4 categories (Inspirational novels, Inspirational works, Health / Self-help & Career Books / Biographies / Autobiographies)
- 33 inspirational movie titles (quotes included)
- most famous movie quotes ever
- inspirational songs
- motivational workout songs.

Kelli is several days into a summer cold. She imagines that she will be bidding you all adieu very shortly... or at least it feels like it.

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