Smart Apps For Android: Brain Jump — let your brain come out and play! (best Android kids apps)

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Brain Jump — let your brain come out and play! (best Android kids apps)

Are you counting down the weeks til school starts again? Or have you begun to count down the days? Are you wondering if your child is ready to for school to go back? How about a little brain jog to get the neurons all excited and limbered up? Along the lines of brain training apps like Lumosity, Brain Jump has been developed especially for children with cute cartoon characters to draw their interest and keep them motivated. The lite version of this app provides a good number of levels for FREE but you will probably want to purchase the full version due to the high quality and rich content.

In-app purchase for full version
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What's free: 18 levels
What's not free: another 36 levels


   FREE (IAP) Lite Version              $2.99 (IAP) Full Version
Available on Amazon Appstore          Available on Amazon Appstore

   FREE (IAP) Lite Version              $2.99 (IAP) Full Version
Get it on Google Play          Get it on Google Play

Brain Jump begins with some information about how the brain works, neuroplasticity and how we can keep our brain healthy and strong. All this in child appropriate language and illustrated with characters called neurons. Ned is one such neuron and is the main character of Brain Jump. As your child plays the games, points are earned indicating the increase in brain strength. Badges are also awarded for achievements such as getting enough points to move the Brain Power Meter into a different colored area. Brain Jump has taken dry brain training activities and restyled them into a really cool app preschoolers (and above).




Brain Jump uses kid-friendly stories and games to teach children the powerful idea that our brains can grow and get stronger if we take on challenges. The app was designed by teachers and neuroscientists to give children confidence and improved concentration when learning new things.

Alert! Alert! The brain’s power is at an all-time low! Join Ned the Neuron and friends on an exciting adventure to restore Brain Power.

As you try harder levels, your Brain Power increases!

** Full Version Features **
• Three different games that challenge memory and concentration: Think Tank, Neurons in Space, and Wizard Match
• 54 different levels to provide an increasing level of difficulty
• Intro story with Ned the Neuron and friends
• A brain science section for kids and parents to explore together
• Badges that promote taking on challenges
• No third party ads

FREE version includes Think Tank game (18 levels), Ned's story, science section, and brain badges. You can update to the FULL VERSION in the app to access Neurons in Space and Wizard Match. There are no other in-app purchases.

Brain Jump with Ned the Neuron was designed for children ages 6-10 but is fun for kids of all ages. Start building Brain Power today!

** About Kizoom **
Kizoom inspires life long learning by empowering kids to know and grow their brains.

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Cas' brain is tired now and is going to have a little lie down.

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