Smart Apps For Android: Caillou Check Up - Doctor's Visit Game for Kids (free Android kids apps)

Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Caillou Check Up - Doctor's Visit Game for Kids (free Android kids apps)

Caillou Check Up brings our FREE list from Budge Studios to 10! Caillou visits the doctor for his wellness check and your child gets to use the doctor's instruments. This is a great way to talk your child through what an upcoming doctor's visit may entail. Obviously, it is better to establish a relationship between the doctor and your child while your child is well, but if that has not happened, this is still a good reminder of the different ways the doctor may interact with your child. Download Caillou Check Up now for FREE and try before you buy the full version.

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While using the different doctor's tools, your child is also practicing skills such as letter and shape recognition, hand-eye coordination as well as learning more about the body. When Caillou opens his mouth to say "ah", your child is invited to do the same (a strategy used by The Wiggles to engage their audience). As an adult, my voice was not recognized, so I raised the pitch and that is when the app moved on. This app is for children only I'm afraid! If your child is a Caillou fan, you will definitely want to add this to your collection. Available on Amazon NOW.




Budge Studios presents Caillou Check Up! Go to the doctor’s office with Caillou and solve fun mini-games that teach kids all about the human body. Check his height and weight, test his vision, play will cool doctor tools such a stethoscope, and lots more!

• Learn about doctor visits in a fun way!
• 11 mini-games designed for toddlers and preschoolers
• Secret bonus mini-game for completing the check up!
• Wide variety of game mechanics (Tap to choose, puzzle, drag along a path, microphone, multi-tap, drag to correct location)
• Congratulatory payoff animation for each step
• Caillou’s voice guides kids through the appointment
• Localized in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Turkish, and German

• Height and weight check
• Tonsil check
• Follow the stick
• Eye test
• Thermometer
• Ear check
• Stethoscope
• Blood pressure
• Reflex check
• Medicine shot
• Applying ointment

For more fun, be sure to try Caillou House of Puzzles to explore Caillou’s house and solve fun jigsaw puzzles!

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Cas spent enough time visiting the hospital as a child that she has grown an aversion to doctors.

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