Smart Apps For Android: FREE TODAY ONLY Little Chomp — physics puzzler (best Android kids apps)

Sunday, July 06, 2014

FREE TODAY ONLY Little Chomp — physics puzzler (best Android kids apps)

What do you get if you cross Angry Birds with The Very Hungry Caterpillar? Little Chomp! This is a cool little physics puzzler type of game for all ages that has the pull and release action of Angry Birds and features a caterpillar that is hungry for some fruit. Besides eating fruit, Little Chomp has friends that the player helps turn into butterflies and add to the butterfly collection. Power-ups available give you more health, invincibility, double coins etc. These can be bought with game coins, which are collected while playing (or purchased with real money). Three worlds with a total of 54 levels give lots of play time. A great time filler for long car trips! Get it while it is FREE.

Optional in-app purchases for game coins to buy power-ups
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   FREE Lite Version                     $0.99 Full Version (IAP) free today only July 6, 2014
Available on Amazon Appstore          Available on Amazon Appstore

    FREE Lite Version                     $0.99 Full Version (IAP)
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The Chompwood Kingdom is loaded with fruit, but it’s going to take a daring caterpillar named LITTLE CHOMP to get it!

One part classic platformer, one part physics puzzler, Little Chomp challenges you to brave three unique worlds in a quest to chomp the tastiest fruit and collect the rarest butterflies. Take aim, fling from leaf to leaf, spring off mushrooms, collect all the loot and solve every challenge, all while dodging dangerous enemies in this fast-paced touchscreen climber!

Little Chomp features 54 levels, 162 skill challenges, and 108 unique butterflies for hours of climbing, collecting, and chomping!

Little caterpillar. Big challenge.


An Important Note
This app lets you purchase digital content using actual money. On Kindle Fire, you can configure parental controls from the device Settings menu, and then selecting Parental Controls. On Android devices, you can configure in-app purchasing parental controls from the settings menu within the Amazon Appstore.

Have fun!

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