Smart Apps For Android: Fully FREE App Friday for July 4, 2014 (best free Android kids apps)

Thursday, July 03, 2014

Fully FREE App Friday for July 4, 2014 (best free Android kids apps)

Are you ready for this? Today's Fully Free App Friday has fireworks for July 4th, a football/soccer game, a reading log to keep track of all of the reading your child is doing for the Summer Reading Challenge, some early learning apps, something for parents and a new Disney app (that makes 34 Free Disney apps)! My personal recommendation is for Feed the Monkey and my kids' favorite this week is Pete & Rob.

** Please note ** Pricing and dates are correct at the time of publishing.

We endeavor to include only apps that have no in-app purchases and no advertising. Only the app's developer can control when an app is free.**

Rat Booth

Come and be Ratatouilled! 
Discover the Rat Booth app that transforms you into a rat. 
Record a video clip or simply take a photo.
 Mix things up to create your own special look…
Share the results with your friends and family to give everyone a really good laugh!

 Then it’ll be time for the mouth-watering main!
 On July 10th we’ll be serving up loads more excitement here at Disneyland Paris.
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Feed the Monkey

Very young children will love this app. Simply count out and give the monkey the number of treats he is asking for. If you get it right he will eat them all up! Great for developing early skills in number recognition and counting. As with all Busythings apps Feed the Monkey contains fun animations and sound effects.

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Alfie, Haathi and The Magic Bioscope

Take your children on a journey of discovery with Alfie, a curious little boy from India, and his best friend, the baby elephant Haathi. Watch as your kids engage with the free, interactive storybook app bringing animals, objects and Alfie to life in each scene.

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WebMD Baby

Personalized for a baby’s specific age, the WebMD Baby app is an exhaustive free resource for everything baby related: Gear, weekly guides, milestones, illnesses, checkup schedule, and more. The WebMD Baby app features a comprehensive set of tools like height/weight measurements, feeding schedules, sleep timer, and diaper tracker, as well as a personal baby book, allowing parents to organize and share baby’s memorable moments as they happen.
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Amazing Baby Puppy Care

This game lets kids choose from four Puppy Puppies, put them in dozens of awesome costumes, including Santa Claus, play with them and then clean up. And when they are all clean, it’s time for the Puppies to sing. It’s an amazing dressup game for kids to play this summers and over the holiday season. Let’s get busy!

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Air Football Free

For all sports fans and sports games especially air hockey. Air Football Free is a new soccer game for toddlers and adults. It’s a really addictive game for two! The way of playing is exactly the same as any air hockey game, but there is a soccer ball instead of a puck! Score as many balls as possible to win!

Available on Amazon Appstore

Reading Log for Kids

This app will help kids keep track of their daily required reading. It has a timer, reading log to keep track of minutes that you read each day, and a book list to keep track of books you've finished.

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Pete & Rob - Playmobil® 3161

Watch Playmobil® stop-motion films with Pete & Rob! Download Playmobil® wallpapers for your mobile phone! Pete & Rob are the stars of numerous funny stop motion films. With this app you can watch all their stop motion adventures. Additionally you can download "funky" wallpapers for your Android phone.

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Learn the Professions

“Learn the Professions” is a colorful educational application created to playfully introduce kids to some important professions. On each page you will find a friendly character who can’t wait to tell you about their job. Your task is to pick them a hat and clothes that match his profession. Of course, you can also have fun by dressing the character however you like!
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XMLVM Fireworks uses the accelerometer and touchscreen to simulate sparks flying across the screen. This is as a demo application for our cross-compilation framework that we use to cross-compile Android apps to iPhone/iPod and even JavaScript.

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