Smart Apps For Android: NEW RELEASE Kitchen Scramble - another FREE Disney app! (free Android apps for kids)

Sunday, July 27, 2014

NEW RELEASE Kitchen Scramble - another FREE Disney app! (free Android apps for kids)

Another free app from Disney that takes our total to 36 free Disney apps! What are you getting when you download a Disney app? Great graphics, awesome audio, fantastic fun and characters that children identify with. The gameplay is also intuitive and often includes some incidental learning. Cooking games, such as Kitchen Scramble, exercise children's working memory, give them practice at following directions, decision making and time management. Kitchen Scramble may even inspire your kids to get into the kitchen and cook! Why not challenge your kids to recreate the game recipes in real life.

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Kitchen Scramble opens with a warning about the in-app purchases and asks for the player's age. It's a  good reminder to use parental control apps and/or adjust your device's settings to disable the optional in-app purchases if you so desire. The app then begins with a tutorial to run through the basic steps to achieve daily goals and then Pepper is left to manage the food truck on her own. Besides being a fun game, and working on the skills mentioned earlier, Kitchen Scramble reminds kids that the best food is made with the best ingredients, cooked fresh and not loaded with additives. What more could one ask for? The app even has BACON! mmmmmmm

Cooking games are my girls' favorite kind of games, which suits me fine because they are mine too! We love taking turns and I even don't mind too much when my younger daughter spend all of my earnings and loses all of my customers. She tries so hard to serve the customers what they want when they want it and her effort is enough satisfaction for me. There are 300 levels in this app, which means that each level is only slightly more difficult than the last, making it easy enough to achieve. The high success rate for the player, and the fact that more levels are added from time to time makes Kitchen Scramble an app that will last a while and keep the player coming back for me. Not bad for a free app!




Cook up delicious dishes with a dash of creativity to delight diners in Kitchen Scramble! Fill up your food truck and hit the road to Pittsburger, Mozzaroma, and more as you cook your way to the top of the culinary world one customer at a time! Cook quickly and remember your recipes to keep customers happy in this hit Facebook game now on mobile!

Game Features
• Download now and play in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, or Portuguese!
• Kitchen Scramble Facebook Players – Sign in with Facebook to share your progress and get separate Supplies on web and mobile!
• Play through hours of content with more than 300 levels in 15 unique locations, and look for new levels added regularly!
• Test your memory by cooking hundreds of dishes with steps based on real recipes!
• Get to know the local cuisine and serve diners in vibrant cities like “Mozzaroma”, “Cookiehagen”, “Mount Foodji”, and more!
• Travel through detailed and colorful level maps as you complete each challenge and unlock new locations!
• Serve interesting, demanding, and unique customers!
• Dash through a variety of challenges like timed levels, minimum scores, and impatient customers!
• Replay levels to improve your score and earn more Coins!
• Upgrade your appliances to speed up the cooking process!
• Use Premium Ingredients to earn bigger tips!
• Connect with Google Play Game Services or Facebook to find friends!

Stay up to date with the latest Kitchen Scramble news, like new levels, new features and more!

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Cas wonders why all the cooking game apps have female characters when a lot of the top chefs in the world are men.

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