Smart Apps For Android: NEW RELEASE Wonster Words (free educational Android apps for kids)

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

NEW RELEASE Wonster Words (free educational Android apps for kids)

If you love Endless Alphabet and Bud's Rhyming Words then you are going to love Wonster Words! Just like the Dr Seuss classic Hop on Pop, this app groups words according to their families to help beginner readers recognise how sounds are represented in words. There is enough to get your child started in the free version, with more word families continually being added for a price. From the same developer who brought you Puzzingo and Wonster Tales, Wonster Words is definitely worth checking out.

In-app purchases for more word family packs
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What's free: three word families - "-op", "-at" and "-ap"
What's not free: another two word families - "-et" and "-it", with "-ut" coming in August and further word families continually being added


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A simple enough concept, kids choose a word family, then create words by dragging letters into place. As they drag, the letters animate and make the sound of the letter. Very cute and engaging for children. Once the word is formed, the child is rewarded with a cheer and a short scene will demonstrate the meaning of the word. Then the word will appear again, with a narrated explanation. Not only are children learning to spell the word, but they are also increasing or reinforcing their vocabulary. It is not possible for children to place the wrong letter in a word, or the right letter in the wrong place, making this a great app for kids with special needs.

Already my daughter is hooked on this app (and my 10yr old son is too, just quietly), and I can see that the repetition and interaction with the words is going to help her immensely. There are already a bunch of great reviews for this app on the Amazon App Store, why not try it and leave your own review. Wonster Words could well be the turning point in your child's reading.


Is your child learning to spell? Is your kid sounding out words with phonics? Does your kid like silly videos? If so, download Wonster Words for FREE today!

• “My daughter absolutely loves this app. It teaches her how to spell, sound the words out, act the word out, and gives a definition.”

• “Terrific Great phonics app for young children. Fun graphics too.”

Help your kid learn phonics and grow his vocabulary! By playing with silly letter ghosts and hilarious wonsters, Wonster Words will help your kid learn how to spell and sound out new words by learning phonics, word families, digrahs, trigraphs, and more. Kids will have a blast putting together words through interactive spelling puzzles, letter hide-and-seek, and other engaging mini-games.

Once the words are completed, your child will enjoy cute animations head-lined by the lovable wonsters. These animations will further reinforce the meaning of the words that he had just learnt. Before you know it, your child will be spelling and sounding out words like a champ!

Wonster Words is great for preschoolers, kindergarteners, and first graders. It comes with 14 free words, with more available through parent-gated in-app-purchase. Monthly update means that more words are becoming available all the time! Give Wonster Words a try today.

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PRIVACY: As parents ourselves, 77SPARX Studio takes children's wellness and privacy very seriously. Our app does:
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• Respect yours and your children’s privacy
• Use parent gate for in-app-purchases
• Require permission to access the network

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Cas learned to read with Hop On Pop and still has her original copy.

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