Smart Apps For Android: Seven Fully FREE Peep Apps From WGBH Digital (best free Android kids apps)

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Seven Fully FREE Peep Apps From WGBH Digital (best free Android kids apps)

Peep is a well loved character who has his own TV show, website and now some great apps! These apps are designed specifically for preschoolers, are cost-free and ad-free, and cover fundamental skills such as counting, patterns, letter recognition, phonic and more. These are a must if you have a little one entering big school soon, and they are a great addition to your child's Android tablet for summer learning fun. Also check out the PEEP and the Big Wide World website for more activities and resources.

PEEP Where's Quack?

The PEEP and the Big Wide World Where's Quack? app was produced by WGBH and the producers of PEEP and the Big Wide World. The animated series PEEP and the Big Wide World gives wings to the innovative idea of teaching science to preschoolers. Wry and distinctive visual humor, charming plotlines, and lovable characters combine with a comprehensive science curriculum to attract and engage kids three to five years old
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PEEP Swish Fish

The Fish Swish app was designed to promote sight counting, or "subitizing" which means seeing how many objects there are without having to count them each individually. This is a useful skill that can be improved with practice and these fish give kids a chance to do that by changing their formation and speed. Don't think the fish are trying to help though, they're really just in it for the balloon rides!
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PEEP Flower Power

The Flower Power app was designed to help kids practice fair shares, a mathematics concept! Every time kids share things with their friends, they are practicing math skills. After handing out each flower, kids compare to see who has more. Once the flowers are split equally, kids have successfully solved a division problem! This game makes a great introduction to these concepts without looking like a math problem.
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PEEP Round and Round

The Round and Round app was designed to teach kids about life cycles. There's something for everyone here, with life cycles of a butterfly, turtle, sunflower, dandelion, and more. For younger kids that may not be familiar with natural cycles, parents can play along, helping their kids tell the story of each cycle.

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PEEP Which Fish?

The Which Fish app was designed to teach kids about pattern recognition through self-leveling. If players answer a round without error, they are offered a harder level in the next round. If they do make an error on the way to success, they remain at the same difficulty level for the next round.In this way, the games keep kids within their own comfort levels, nudging them to more challenging levels only if they are ready.
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ABCD Watermelon

The ABCD Watermelon app was designed to teach children about letter knowledge. Recognizing the letters of the alphabet is essential for language and vocabulary development. The ability to understand language, follow directions, and express one's thoughts is critical for young children.

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Dub Cubs

The Dub Cubs app was designed to teach children about phonemic awareness. Phonemic awareness is the ability to hear, identify, and manipulate individual sounds—phonemes—in spoken words. Phonemic awareness is essential for a child's reading development and spelling ability. Using wordplay in songs, poems, and rhyme is a great way for kids to develop phonological awareness.
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