Smart Apps For Android: Topia World Builder — children create their own worlds (best Android kids apps)

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Topia World Builder — children create their own worlds (best Android kids apps)

One thing I really love about finding new apps is watching my children's expressions when they try them for the first time. I have four kids who love Minecraft and we have it on every screen in the house, so when I discovered Topia, I knew it was either going to be a great success or a dismal failure. I introduced it to my teen son first, and it turns out that he has had it for a while now, on his iPod. Well, Topia has made it to Android and I am excited! It comes recommended by my Minecraft-mad son and is a great addition to your child's tablet for summer.



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Topia provides a tutorial, which is great for parents, but children tend to get straight into creating. The controls are usually intuitive enough for them to pick it up as they go along. They also tend to learn by trial and error, and since there are no wrong answers in Topia, children can simply try each of the controls to discover what they do. This is good news for children with an intellectual disability like my daughter, who learns best by doing (rather than reading instructions on how to play).

There are three main aspects of world creation: movement, landforms and creatures. Moving around is fairly straightforward: one and two finger swiping to scroll, pinching and pushing with two fingers to zoom, rotating with two fingers, and using portrait/landscape modes. Landforms are created using build tools that allow your child to raise and lower the land, to smooth it or add grass or dirt. There are six animals to choose from but be warned, some animals eat other animals. If there are too many predators, your child can zap them with a lightning bolt. Trees are also added under the creature menu.

Now, I have mentioned Minecraft, but Topia is really nothing like that. There is no sharing in world  each of the seven profile slots (or world slots) are stand-alone which is great for a family of six like mine. There are preset worlds available as well as options to adjust how the land is generated, the lighting, how the tools are presented and options for living things to be wiped. No ads or in-app purchases means creative play is not interrupted and lack of external links means your child stays put in the app. A must have app for your little builder's android tablet, for kids of all ages and especially for kids with special needs. I would rather buy this than bad coffee.



Create gorgeous worlds with the touch of your fingers!

From the Award Winning Studio Crescent Moon Games and Glenn Corpes, one of the creators of the original Populous series of games, comes TOPIA WORLD BUILDER, a unique world building sim, tailored for Amazon devices.

Topia World Builder is a world creation simulation. You become god and shape the land as you choose, by the use of touch controls. Swipe your finger to create mountains, valleys, rivers, and oceans. Watch trees grow, spawn thousands of animals - and watch them live and die on the planet of your creation!

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