Smart Apps For Android: 50% off all Dr. Panda apps on the Amazon Appstore! What are you waiting for? (must have Android apps for kids)

Friday, August 08, 2014

50% off all Dr. Panda apps on the Amazon Appstore! What are you waiting for? (must have Android apps for kids)

Well, Happy Saturday to us! Dr. Panda apps are 50% off across the board in the Amazon Appstore! Wow! Sixteen apps that are normally $2.99 apiece are all marked down to $1.49. That's less than a cup of coffee no matter where you buy it.

Now is the time to stock up on all of these fabulous Dr. Panda apps. There are even a few on here that I don't have yet, so I'm pretty pumped. Hoopa City has been a favorite at our house lately, but we've never tried Art Class with Dr. Panda. We've played Dr. Panda's Bus Driver for hours on end, but this will be our first shot at Dr. Panda's Toy Cars. I can't wait to see how excited my little princess will be when she wakes up in the morning.

If you are not yet familiar with Dr. Panda, now is a great time to try some of these apps out at a great price. The folks at Tribe Play can always be counted on to produce consistently great apps to both entertain and educate your children. Dr. Panda apps are always Top Picks across the Smart Apps universe.

Remember, only an app's developer can determine how long a sale lasts. These prices were verified at the time of this post, but we have no way of knowing how long they will last.

If you'd like to purchase any of the Dr. Panda apps, please click on the handy little links below. I know they aren't our usual cute little buttons, but I was so excited to get tell y'all about this that I went with a quick list instead. The name of each app is a hyperlink straight to the same app on the Amazon Appstore.

Dr. Panda's Bus Driver     $1.49 (Normally $2.99)

Dr. Panda's Airport     $1.49 (Normally $2.99)

Hoopa City     $1.49 (Normally $2.99)

Dr. Panda's Restaurant 2     $1.49 (Normally $2.99)

Dr. Panda's Supermarket     $1.49 (Normally $2.99)

Dr. Panda's Home     $1.49 (Normally $2.99)

Dr. Panda's Restaurant     $1.49 (Normally $2.99)

Dr. Panda's Daycare     $1.49 (Normally $2.99)

Dr. Panda's Hospital     $1.49 (Normally $2.99)

Dr. Panda's Beauty Salon     $1.49 (Normally $2.99)

Dr. Panda's Handyman     $1.49 (Normally $2.99)

Dr. Panda's Toy Cars     $1.49 (Normally $2.99)

Dr. Panda's Garage     $1.49 (Normally $2.99)

Art Class with Dr. Panda     $1.49 (Normally $2.99)

Dr. Panda's Veggie Garden     $1.49 (Normally $2.99)

Dr. Panda, Teach Me!     $1.49 (Normally $2.99)

Don't miss out on this sale. Dr. Panda is a must have for your Android devices. Get one or two (or seven) today!


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