Smart Apps For Android: Animal Motions helps kids have fun and get fit! And right now, it's FREE! That's a $2.99 savings! (good FREE Android apps)

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Animal Motions helps kids have fun and get fit! And right now, it's FREE! That's a $2.99 savings! (good FREE Android apps)

A lot of days (especially these hot, hot, hot days we've been having in Alabama recently) it's tough to get in all of the outside running-around time that kids need to stay fit and healthy. And while school is now working their little minds, they don't get nearly enough time to work their little bodies. Seriously. I know that recess was a whole lot more than the 20 minutes the kids get these days when I was a kid.

So any time I find an app that promotes physical activity for the kiddos, I want to give it a try. And when it's free? Bingo!

Animal Motions follows young Eric around to visit various animals where he learns to stretch and move like the creatures he sees. And your kids can get moving right along with him.

Animal Motions is FREE right now in the Amazon Appstore (normally $2.99), so get it while you can!

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If you'd like to download Animal Motions, please use the handy link below so they'll know who sent you.

Remember, only an app's developer can determine the price of an app. This app was verified free at the time of this post, but prices are subject to change without notice.

Free (normally $2.99)


Screen Shots:


From Amazon:

Product Features

  • Get creatively fit as you follow the Animal Motions routine
  • Enjoy professional narration with educational word-by-word highlighting
  • Learn animal sounds by pressing on their pictures through audio hotspots
  • Interact with engaging animation
  • Options for "Read Myself" "Read to Me" and "Auto Play"

Product Description

Kids! Follow Eric as he stretches and moves his body at the start of his day by using his imagination to become some of his favorite animals. Travel with him to the jungle, the desert, the forest, the ocean—and don’t forget to keep your body moving! Get “creatively fit” with Animal Motions—a fun, easy to follow, low-impact movement routine that shows how using your imagination can help make moving your body even more fun! This children’s picture book app was inspired from the author’s, Melissa Pilgrim, theatre classes with young children and written to help kids everywhere learn how to be “creatively fit” by doing two things at once: 1) Shows children how to move and stretch their body in a variety of animal-like poses to help them develop healthy lifestyle habits, stay active, and be more confident with how their body moves overall, 2) Teaches children how they can be creative and use their imagination as they pretend to be 17 different kinds of animals living in various habitats. The beautiful, full page watercolor illustrations that help guide the child’s imagination are done by Ira V. Gates.

Teachers & Parents: Free lesson plans are available at Kids: A free Animal Motions mini-poster to print out and color is available there too!


Kelli has loads of energy tonight, and she wonders if she'd wake her kids up doing all of the moves and stretches in Animal Motions. Except she would like to do them all to the tune of Michael Jackson's Rock With You, if that's OK with everyone.

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