Smart Apps For Android: Build and race on your own track for FREE with Hot Wheels: Track Builder! FREE! (good free Android apps for kids)

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Build and race on your own track for FREE with Hot Wheels: Track Builder! FREE! (good free Android apps for kids)

I believe that a kid is never too old for Hot Wheels. My eight-year-old son adores them, and his forty-something-year-old dad can often be found playing right along with him. So when I saw this free Hot Wheels app that will let him (them) design, build and race on his (their) own virtual tracks, I knew I had to grab it.

You begin by building a simple track.  As you race on it, you earn more coins which allow you to purchase some of the really cool track components, which means you can race more and earn more coins. Or you can race on some really great tracks that are already designed and earn more coins that way. The coins seem to accumulate quickly and we have been able to purchase the components we want easily.  If you create a really cool track you can post it to the online gallery so that other players can try it out.

Hot Wheels: Track Builder is free on the Amazon Appstore.

No ads, no in-app purchases. The description says that there are external links to Amazon to purchase Hot Wheel related merchandise, but I haven't run across them yet. Modify your device settings accordingly.

If you would like to download Hot Wheels: Track Builder, please use the handy link below so they'll know who sent you.
Remember, only an app's developer can determine the price. This app was verified as free at the time of this post.

Screen Shots:

From Amazon:

Product Features

  • Build and race your very own virtual Hot Wheels Tracks
  • Submit your tracks for the community to play
  • Race on hundreds of user generated tracks
  • After building your virtual track, link to the store and purchase real Hot Wheels Track Builder products on Amazon
  • Drive 1 of 8 Hot Wheels originals including fan favorites like the Bone Shaker and the Twin Mill!

Product Description

Satisfy your need for speed in the Hot Wheels™ TRACK BUILDER game! Discover the thrill of building your own Hot Wheels track and then racing on your customized creation! Actual Hot Wheels toys and track sets inspired this virtual version you can play anywhere, anytime! Select a set of wheels from eight Hot Wheels original fan favorites and race for the best time! When you have built your virtual track you can connect to the store and purchase the real Hot Wheels Track Builder products on Amazon! Each Track Builder play set comes with Hot Wheels tracks that are easy to connect with amazing stunts to create your own amazing race tracks. These Hot Wheels sets are perfect for high-speed fun and creative play building awesome race car track designs. Play the way you want!


Kelli might also be guilty of taking part in the occasional Hot Wheels Derby.

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