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Sunday, August 10, 2014

Featured App: Class Dojo helps teachers with classroom management

The beginning of another school year has arrived in many parts of the United States already. A whole new group of children enter a teacher's classroom ready to see what the year ahead holds. Teachers must be prepared with engaging lessons, a warm smile and a plan for classroom management. Have no fear though, because there is a great app to help with classroom management! ClassDojo is an easy-to-use app that allows behavior to be tracked, incorporates parent communication within the app and engages children in the process. This app will assist in building a positive classroom environment for all children to learn!

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In settings, there is an option for inviting friends, which will open up email or other options outside of the app.


ClassDojo was created with teachers, parents and students in mind. Everyone has a part in this wonderful app. The teacher first creates a class and a profile for each student, assigning a monster icon to each child. Parents and students can then each have an individual log-in created by the teacher. When a child logs in, he or she can change the personal avatar. Students love to take ownership in creating their own monster that all of their classmates will see daily. Parents can log-in to see their child's progress report and communicate with the teacher.

Messaging back and forth through the app is a fairly new addition to the app, and I am very excited to see this within the app. Parents and teachers can message back and forth through the app. This is a great way to quickly message a parent to share something great a child did or even to tell when a child is having a rough day. It keeps parents in the know of what is going on with their child, but it does not take a lot of time away from teaching.  Teachers can even send a message out to all users to make an announcement. This feature really enhances the app.

During class, teachers assign and remove student points based on behavior. There are positive and negative behaviors built into the app, with positive behaviors colored green and negative behaviors in red. Teachers also have the option to add personalized behaviors to both categories. With either personalized or built-in behaviors, the teacher simply clicks on a child's name and assigns the appropriate behavior. The app will add or deduct points from their total and adjust their graph accordingly. On the main page, a student's name, icon and current points are shown. Children love to compete with each other to improve their score.

Reports provide a visual representation of the percentage of positive versus negative behaviors. The types of behaviors can also be viewed to see areas of struggle. These reports can be sent home for parents or viewed online. These are great tools to use during conferences with students to discuss behaviors and set goals for the next week.

ClassDojo can be used through apps or on the computer, but no matter what way it is used, it can be highly effective. Create an account and begin using it in a classroom. Teachers will love the engagement it brings and the communication tools it allows. Set class and individual point goals, and see where this app will take the class this year. Don't miss out on this great app and how it can transform a classroom!

From Google Play:
ClassDojo helps teachers improve behavior in their classrooms quickly and easily. It also captures and generates data on behavior that teachers can share with parents and administrators.
Teachers can use this app to give students realtime feedback while in class - it will sync with the main ClassDojo website.
Better learning habits, smoother lessons, and hassle-free data - and it's free for teachers! Enhance your class with some dojo!
NEW: Parents can now view their child's progress via the ClassDojo app! Just ask your child's teacher for an email invite or a parent code :)

Heather S. always wanted to make her own monster avatar in this app.

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