Smart Apps For Android: Free App Alert: Learn Spanish with Zoe helps children learn 70 Spanish vocabulary words

Friday, August 29, 2014

Free App Alert: Learn Spanish with Zoe helps children learn 70 Spanish vocabulary words

Hola! Ok, so I admit it, that's pretty much the extent of my knowledge of the Spanish language. Both my children have expressed an interest in learning other languages especially Spanish. Lucky for us, there are apps such as Learn Spanish with Zoe by DADA Company Edutainment S.L. This interactive story book app allows kids to explore Zoe's surroundings and learn 70 different Spanish words including pronunciation. I just discovered this app is currently FREE on the Amazon app store! Save $2.99 and grab this cute and educational app now!

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If you would like to download Learn Spanish with Zoe (FREE regularly $2.99), please show your support by using our link:



From Amazon
Learn Spanish with Zoe in a fun and easy way.

Have fun with Zoe, a very active girl who loves to be busy on her days off. Go with Zoe to the country, the beach, the zoo or the park and learn 70 basic Spanish terms.
Images are a very useful tool when teaching young children. By associating pictures with words they can assimilate new concepts in a fun and easy way, which helps them to understand and remember new vocabulary.

M├áriam Ben-Arab’s wonderful illustrations show scenes of everyday life, which help children to understand the situations they might encounter in different places. Younger children become familiar with the language thanks to native voices, which help pronunciation. 

• Touch the marked objects on the screen and discover more than 70 commonly-used words in English and Spanish.
• Original soundtrack.
• Ideal for children who are just starting to learn Spanish and for those with a higher level who want to revise their vocabulary. 
• A book that encourages children to learn in a fun way. 
• Enhances the child’s attention span. 

Rachel H's daughter told her, "Mom, you hurt your knee because you get brittle when you get old." 

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