Smart Apps For Android: Get your grove on with free music from Amazon Music with Prime Music (for Amazon Prime Members)

Friday, August 01, 2014

Get your grove on with free music from Amazon Music with Prime Music (for Amazon Prime Members)

One of the latest features for Amazon Prime members is the ability to stream and download unlimited, ad-free music for FREE. Amazon Music with Prime Music is a nifty little app that lets users link their Amazon Prime account and start listening to the millions of songs available. Not only can users download and create playlists to listen to off line (no buffering or running up data charges when off WiFi) but they can grab pre-made playlists to match whatever mood they are in. If you have Amazon Prime, you have to look into this! If you have been on the fence about subscribing to Amazon Prime, now might be a great time to look into all the benefits.

If you want to download Amazon Music with Prime Music (FREE), please use a handy link below so they’ll know who sent you:

Google Play:   

Amazon Store:

Remember, only a developer can determine the price of an app or its in-app purchases. This was verified free at the time of this post.
Can contact customer service and view help pages for Amazon, but everything opens
within the app.

**Note: Amazon Prime membership is $99 a year, and comes with a variety of features. Full benefits can be found on the Amazon Prime webpage. **

I admit, I was a little grumpy when Amazon raised the price of their Amazon Prime membership, but I LOVE this new unlimited streaming music feature! It is easy to explore songs, full albums or pre-made play lists. Not every song is available, but with millions of songs available, users are sure to find some great music. Songs can be played from personal cloud accounts or downloaded straight to the device. There is even a setting to only download and stream while on WiFi to help keep data bills down. 

While this app is FREE as well the available music, users must be Amazon Prime members, which is a yearly subscription. There is a one month free trial for Amazon Prime for anyone interested in trying out and exploring all the benefits before committing to the subscription. 

From Google Play
Your music. Everywhere. With the free Amazon Music app, listen to your music collection on your Android device anywhere you are. You can download or stream your Amazon Music library from the cloud – or play the music you already have on your device. Expand your library by shopping from over 28 million songs, without leaving the app. Amazon Prime members can browse, stream, and download from the Prime Music catalog of over a million songs and hundreds of custom-built playlists for free. Lean back and enjoy Prime playlists, or add to your library and create the music collection you’ve always wanted.

Use Amazon Music to access and play music stored in the cloud or locally on your device:
• Start with digital music you’ve bought from Amazon – when you first sign in, eligible MP3s will be added to your cloud library for free. 
• MP3 versions of any AutoRip CDs you’ve bought from Amazon since 1998 will also be waiting for you in your cloud library.
• Play music that is already stored on your Android phone or tablet.
• Shop over 28 million songs, right in the app. Discover new music, bestsellers, and free music from rising artists.
• Download music from your cloud library to your device for offline playback.
• Visit on your PC or Mac and import your music collection from iTunes or any other music folders. Once imported from your computer, music will instantly be available on your Android device.
New! Amazon Prime members can access their newest benefit – Prime Music:
• Over a million songs from thousands of popular artists
• Hundreds of custom-built playlists for quick and easy ad-free streaming playback
• Browse the Prime Music catalog, easily adding music to your library to build and mix with your own music collection
• Download Prime songs, albums, and playlists easily and quickly for offline playback on mobile devices
• All for free with Amazon Prime membership
With Amazon Music, you can:
• Stream your music from the cloud.
• Download locally to enjoy your music offline – no Wi-Fi or mobile network needed.
• Create and edit playlists.
• Control your music from your home screen.
• Use Bluetooth to stream your music in your house or car.
• You can also listen to music in your Amazon Music library on your Kindle Fire, PC, Mac, iOS device, Sonos, Roku, or Samsung Smart TV.

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