Smart Apps For Android: Just released today in the Amazon Appstore! Bug Mazing from Little Bit Studios! Get it for the introductory price of $0.99! (must have Android apps for kids)

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Just released today in the Amazon Appstore! Bug Mazing from Little Bit Studios! Get it for the introductory price of $0.99! (must have Android apps for kids)


(This app was originally reviewed over on, but with its release in the Amazon Appstore we couldn't wait to share it with all of our Android readers, too. Don't miss it while it's on sale! Seriously. A Little Bit Studios app for $0.99 is like Christmas coming early. Read the original review below with links corrected for Android.)

Bottom Line: An adventure-themed app from beloved developer Little Bit Studios, Bug Mazing joins the ranks of the other top-notch Bugs apps. Four early learning areas are paired with great graphics and engaging game play geared for ages 6 and under.

To download Bug Mazing (Android, introductory price of only 99 cents), use the link below to support Smart Apps for Kids:

External links are present under a parent protected section, and links to the app store are present on the home screen. These can, however, be disabled under "settings."

Screen480x480If you've never seen the works of developer Little Bit Studios,then you are in for a special treat. We at SAFK just can't get enough of their top-notch, quality educational apps that offer a perfect blend of fun and engaging activities. I'm so thrilled to tell you that Bug Mazing is no exception to the Little Bit team standard. Four educational concepts (numbers, letters, tracing and colors) accompany a fun adventure game that will keep preschool and kindergarten-age kiddos on the edge of their seats.
This app bears a striking resemblence to the classic Indiana Jones movies, complete with the rolling boulder that our hero bug narrowly escapes every time. The four content areas each have four levels of difficulty, ranging from easy to hard. Each level must be unlocked, which allows the app to grow with your tot's learning and skill level. User profiles can be turned on under the settings section (which is found under the wax seal on the home screen) so that game progress can be saved. As a professional who uses apps in the school system, this is a fantastic feature to have when working with groups of children.

Each of the content areas is presented in a maze format in which your young explorer must guide the adventure bug safely to the finish line. It took me awhile to figure out the connection to all the maze games and the title of the app (please don't judge my sleepy summer vacation brain) but once I came to my "ah-ha!" moment, I was even more impressed with the Little Bit developer folks.
Screen480x480 (1)
Mazes introduce and help strengthen the cognitive skill of problem solving, which is so important to tiny developing brains. So not only is your young pathfinder getting solid academic practice, she's also getting a good brain workout at the same time. The "Adventure" section is even set up as a series of mazes to continue that good brain development. So really, it's like two apps in one.
As your traveler progresses through the different levels of the app, he wins coins and tokens along the way, and even unlocks new explorer bugs from time to time. These subtle reinforcers also encourage kids to reach higer levels of gameplay while learning more and performing harder academic tasks.
Screen480x480 (2)There is a good list of parent control options under settings. The app can be played in 14 different languages, user profiles can be viewed and monitored, sound and music can be turned on/off, and the entire game can be reset if you wish. No two children are alike, which also means that apps aren't always "one size fits all," and it's clear that the developer recognizes that.
If your tiny tot is ready for a grand adventure in learning, look no further than Bug Mazing. High-quality graphics meet deceptively fun education in a new app that is sure to please bugs and preschoolers of all ages.

265_10151132533268245_768806732_nRachel J. shares a last name and home state with Indiana Jones. She tried to convince her friends in elementary school that he was her uncle.

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