Smart Apps For Android: Marble Drop is a fun and challenging logic game for older kids through adults

Monday, August 18, 2014

Marble Drop is a fun and challenging logic game for older kids through adults

One of my favorite apps from the AppStore has just come to Android! Marble Drop is a fun logic game that is great for older children as well as adults. Players must drop certain color marbles in specific order and navigate the physics based puzzles. It may sound a little complicated, but it is tons of fun and easily addicting! Compete to earn all the stars for each level as well as the fastest time. With over sixty levels with increasing difficulty and added challenges, this app is sure to provide hours of entertainment. 

Contains in-app purchases for coins used to buy hints as well as bonus marbles. Not necessary for game play. In-App purchase claims to disable any ads, though after a bit of game play, I had no third party ads appear on the screen.

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From Google Play:
Drop marbles to solve puzzles in this addicting and challenging physics-based puzzle game. Navigate the marbles through cannons, teleporters and other traps to reach their goals. Over 60 levels and more to come!

Explore a variety of hand-drawn worlds, such as the Carnival World, Space World and Factory World. Marble Drop features a charming, blackboard-themed art style that will surely mesmerize.

Collect stars, unlock exciting new levels and top the leaderboards in this award-winning, physics-based adventure!

Rachel H's kids have one week left of summer break. She is not ready for the upcoming change in routine.

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