Smart Apps For Android: Best puzzle app: 101 Animal Puzzles for Kids offers amazing customization options and a FREE version!

Friday, September 26, 2014

Best puzzle app: 101 Animal Puzzles for Kids offers amazing customization options and a FREE version!

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Bottom Line: The best animal puzzle app on the App Store. The customization is amazing, and with 101 animal puzzles for just one low price (no in-app purchases), this should be the first puzzle app to consider. There is also a free lite version with 21 puzzles to try before committing, which really makes this a must-have app.

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Puzzle4When I first downloaded this app from Little Clever, I assumed that the number was meant as hyperbole, and there were just a lot of puzzles. But amazingly enough, there really are 101 puzzles (see the full list on the iTunes description). They are even nicely organized into categories, great for building vocabulary.

The puzzles are illustrated in a cartoon style drawing. My first preference would be for more lifelike renderings, but they are drawn well and the animals are easy to recognize. They’re also colorful, without being overwhelmingly bright.

PuzzleThe puzzle screen includes a background scene for each animal, with the puzzle pieces presented across the top on a scrolling bar. The number of pieces defaults to starting with two, but quickly changes as puzzles are successfully completed. In addition, this option can be customized, from two to eight pieces per puzzle.

During game play, as each piece is placed, the color name is spoken. It’s a nice educational element. In addition, the animal name is shown at the top when the puzzle is completed. The default level of precision is exactly what I prefer in a puzzle app. But those who prefer an easier or more difficult setting can customize that feature as well.

Puzzle2The customization is really the star of the show in this app. The default setting was great, but every user will have different priorities. I like that I can use the app in therapy and customize so much for each user. It’s very quick to customize a lot of things, but it’s also not overly easy for kids to access — there’s a lock on the parent section in order to access the customization options.

There really aren’t very many things I don’t love about this app. Every time I’d wish for something to be slightly different, I’d find that option to customize. The shape of the pieces is even ideal. The interlocking jigsaw pieces provide good visual-motor practice without being too difficult for younger children.

Puzzle3For further development down the line, I would like to see some more interactive elements, such as putting a sticker of the completed animal onto the appropriate scene, or allowing the user to interact with the animals in additional ways. Some additional interactions, rewards or learning elements would bump this great app right up to 5 stars.

If you’re looking for a puzzle app, look no further than this. Download the free version to try it out if you’re not sure, but I think the customization will quickly win over most people.

Profile2Heather H loves puzzles enough that she played nearly all of the puzzles in this app before reviewing. was paid a priority review fee to complete this review in an expedited manner.

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