Smart Apps For Android: Calling all space cadets! Rocket Nova is FREE! (Best Android apps for kids)

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Calling all space cadets! Rocket Nova is FREE! (Best Android apps for kids)

3,2,1....blast-off! Rocket Nova is FREE today in the Android store (regularly $0.99) and is a fabulous puzzle game for the tiny space commander in your home. Hero Number 5 is in danger and needs your kid's help. Can he lead our hero back to safety?
To download Rocket Nova (FREE, Amazon) use the link below to support Smart Apps for Android

There's nothing quite like a classic arcade game, full of lights and colors and sounds. Nothing, that is, except for Rocket Nova, a great nod to the arcade games of yesterday on a totally modern tablet. Your kiddo can enjoy tilt-device action as she helps Hero Number 5 (who named their child that?)  guide his ship to safety.

From Amazon:
Addictive arcade action game that is easy to play but hard to master - can you get the highest score on all levels?

Join Hero Number 5 onboard Starship Nova!
A mysterious vortex has teleported the ship into unknown space.
Your mission is to help the crew get back home to earth.
Guide your ship to collect energy and avoid the hazards of deep space - can you make it back home?
Retro themed arcade action, guide your ship by pointing on the screen.

"An absolutely stunning space exploration game that features a stellar soundtrack, a completely unique pop-art style – and of course some seriously addictive gameplay. This is one space adventure that you don’t want to miss out on!"
- Super Game Droid

Works on all screen sizes although we recommend a larger screen with high resolution, best viewed on HD phones and tablets.

Rachel J. has enough trouble trying to drive home during rush hour, let alone navigate a rocket.

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