Smart Apps For Android: Crazy Sale in the Amazon Appstore! Save over $135!!

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Crazy Sale in the Amazon Appstore! Save over $135!!

Wow. Just WOW. I was browsing around in the Amazon Appstore and stumbled into what looks like the start of a CRAZY sale! Seriously, you won't believe some of these apps. So far I'm seeing a total savings of over $135!

Run (don't walk) over and download some of these while you can. We haven't seen savings like these in forever. There are some incredible deals here - A Mirriam-Webster Dictionary App (normally $59), Office Suite Professional 7 (normally $14.99), Swype Keyboard (normally $3.99), just to name a few. There's a really great looking app for printing (Printer Share Mobile - normally $12.99), and more games than you can shake a stick at. There are even some apps that might encourage me to get my mind and body in shape.

I don't know how I can stress this enough...DO NOT MISS THIS SALE! There's no telling how long these prices will last.

You can find the entire list HERE.


Kelli received a brand new Galaxy Tab4 for her birthday (yesterday) from some truly spectacular friends. She's pretty sure that this sale is a gift from the folks at Amazon to help her fill it up with good stuff.

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