Smart Apps For Android: Free App Friday-September 12 (Best Android apps for kids)

Friday, September 12, 2014

Free App Friday-September 12 (Best Android apps for kids)

Happy Friday to you! Today's line up of apps offers a few from the good folks at Sesame Street, a silly safety app that's best for ages 8 and up, a little beginning reading and a "just for fun" game. Variety is the spice of life, right?
Make sure you download each of these wonderful apps, and then tell your friends to do the same.

The Trip-Little Critter Reading Adventure Lite
• Mercer Mayer’s Little Critter stars in this new reading adventure produced by Appy award-winner John R. Sansevere. 
• Kids! Read, listen, touch, play and interact with Little Critter and his family. From A to Z – there’s lots to do!
• Parents! Edutainment at its best. Letters, numbers, shapes, colors, map reading and more. It’s learning made fun. 

This free LITE version includes three interactive reading scenes PLUS a sneak peek at our new Digistix –colorful, interactive animated stickers featured in The Trip - Little Critter GamePak. 

In this fun-filled, interactive reading adventure, young children are invited to learn along with Little Critter on his family’s road trip. Rich in learning activities, games, and exciting surprises, kids will be entertained as they discover a new adventure on every page.
The Critters’ trip is full of amusing twists and turns—just like the actual road they’re following! Kids can help Little Critter choose the route the family will take and explore the countryside, the city, the beach and more: fix the car when it breaks down; move a horse stuck in the middle of the road; feed the seagulls; and even find time to grab a hot dog! All this while playing lots of games with Little Sister along the way to pass the time! 
Readers and non-readers of all skill levels will find entertainment in this interactive story adventure. 
“The Trip” reading adventure app emphasizes basic pre-school and early elementary curriculum. Recommended for ages 3 to 7. 
Since his first introduction over 30 years ago, beloved author Mercer Mayer’s Little Critter continues to be a favorite of parents and children alike!

Breathe, Think, Do with Sesame Street
Laugh and learn as you help a Sesame Street monster friend calm down and solve everyday challenges. This bilingual (English and Spanish), research-based app helps your child learn Sesame’s “Breathe, Think, Do” strategy for problem-solving. Tap and touch to help the monster friend take deep breaths, think of plans, and try them out! Your child will enjoy silly animations and playful interactions as she is exposed to important emotional vocabulary, a calm breathing technique, personalized encouragements, and more! Breathe, Think, Do with Sesame is intended for parents and caregivers to use with their young children (ages 2-5).

The app is part of Sesame Street’s Little Children, Big Challenges initiative, which aims to provide tools to help children build skills for resilience, and overcome everyday challenges and more stressful situations and transitions. You can access other Sesame Street resilience materials online, at

Sesame Street-Incarceration
The Sesame Street: Incarceration app provides parents and caregivers with tools to help children ages 3-8 cope with the many transitions related to a parent’s incarceration. Features include: Tip Books for parents and caregivers with age-appropriate language to talk honestly with children (3–8) as well as strategies to help children cope with a parent’s incarceration; videos featuring real families talking about their experiences, and a new Sesame Street Muppet, Alex, as he talks with his Sesame Street friends about his own parent’s incarceration; an interactive storybook called “In My Family,” as well as a photo activity, which you can use together with your children to take pictures with the characters in the storybook and help show children that they are not alone; and suggestions for additional support and educational resources. We recommend that you watch the videos in the app before sharing them with your children so that you can choose what is most relevant and helpful for your family. Resources in this app are part of Sesame Street’s Little Children, Big Challenges: Incarceration initiative. You can access other project materials online, at

The Big Moving Adventure
Make moving fun with Sesame Street's The Big Moving Adventure! Your young child (ages 2–5) can create his own muppet friend and help him or her through the moving process, including: Hearing the news, packing, saying goodbye, expressing feelings, traveling, exploring the new home, and making new friends. The Parents Section contains more detailed tips and suggestions on these same topics to help families who are in the process of relocating.

Sago Mini Ocean Swimmer


Laugh out loud as you explore a magical underwater world with Fins the fish. Guide Fins through the ocean and discover tons of fun surprises! Dive into sunken treasure, meet mysterious monsters and enjoy a treat at an underwater ice cream stand. 

Made with care, Sago Mini Ocean Swimmer offers lots of opportunities for storytelling. Part of the AWARD-WINNING suite of Sago Mini apps, this app is sure to bring smiles to your little one. 

Our team of designers and developers create apps that children love and parents trust. We build on kids' natural sense of wonder, creativity and curiosity to make apps that are safe, positive and fun. Sago Mini are the ideal first apps for your little one.

Dumb Ways to Die
You've seen the video - now the lives of those charmingly dumb characters are in your hands. 

Enjoy 18 hilarious mini-games as you attempt to collect all the charmingly dumb characters for your train station, achieve high scores and unlock the famous music video that started it all. 

Download the FREE game now to enjoy the new fun and remember, be safe around trains. A message from Metro. 

- Why is his hair on fire? Who cares, just RUN! 
- Quickly wipe your screen free of puke 
- Balance that wobbling glue eater 
- Flick the piranhas out of range of those precious private parts 
- Swat wasps before it's too late 
- Best not invite that psycho killer inside 
- Carefully remove forks from toasters 
- Help self-taught pilots 
- Get back from the edge of the platform you fools 
- Have patience at level crossings 
- No crossing the tracks! Not even for balloons! 
- And who knew rattlesnakes were so picky about mustard? 
- Doing your own electrical work? Choose the wires carefully 
- Mind the gap! Board the train safely 
- Space is no fun without a helmet. Put it on now! 

Starfall Free
The Starfall Free app requires an internet connection. Become a Starfall member to unlock all of the content. The app's offerings will continue to expand as the Starfall Team transitions the popular website's content for delivery to mobile devices.

Starfall is the brain-child of Stephen Schutz. At age 9, Stephen was still struggling to read. What came easily for his peers required many more hours of his work. As a reader, he was consistently toward the bottom of his class. Now a PhD in physics and a successful publisher and artist, Dr. Schutz, with the help of his dedicated team, created Starfall to ensure today's children have resources that can help.

Reversi Plus
Reversi is a strategy board game for two players. 
Rules are VERY SIMPLE! 

Players take turns placing pieces on the board with their assigned color. During a play, any pieces of the opponent's color that are in a straight line and bounded by the piece just placed and another piece of the current player's color are turned over to the current player's color. 

The object of the game is to have the majority of pieces turned to display your color when the last playable empty square is filled. 

The player with the most pieces on the board at the end of the game wins

Kids ABC's Letter Railroad Lite
Kids ABCs Letter Railroad Lite (a.k.a. Kids ABC Learning Trains Lite) invites preschool-aged children to learn and become familiar with the English letters using trains and railroads as their tools.
With Kids ABC Learning Trains Lite, kids can:
1. Learn alphabet letters: As children build railroads, they learn the names and shapes of the letters in the alphabet.
2. Write the letters: Using their train car, children trace upper and lower case letters on its railroad track.

In the Kids ABC Learning Trains full version, children will also get to:
3. Identify alphabet letters: Children aim their engines to find the correct letter on a garage door. When correct, their engine drives inside and pulls out a surprise!
4. Identify letter sounds: In the phonics cargo train, children identify first-letter sounds of words with pictures on cargo boxes, and then load the correct cargo boxes onto the train.
5. Match lower and upper case letters: Children match letters before the trains move away.

Kids Learn to Read Lite
Preschool learning games by Intellijoy are both educational and fun.
Kids Learn to Read will teach you children to:
- Blend sounds into words
- Read simple words
- Form simple words
Kids Learn to Read is the 4th app in our Alphabet Curriculum Series. It is preceded by Kids ABC Letters, Kids ABC Phonics, and Kids ABC Trains.
Note: The paid version has 3 extra activities.
★ Prerequisites:
Knowledge of letter names and sounds (if not, first get Kids ABC Letters, Kids ABC Phonics and Kids ABC Trains)
Kids Reading is a delightful game that invites your children to practice blending sounds together to form, read and spell words that are all made up of only three letters of the alphabet, such as "dog","sun", and "big".
★ What won't my children learn?
They won’t learn to read words longer than three or four letters.
Kids ABC Reading assumes that your kids already know the sounds that the letters of the alphabet make. If your children do not know these sounds yet, we recommend our Kids ABC Phonics app.

Rachel J.'s favorite number is 12 and today is Friday. Does life get much better? She thinks not.

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