Smart Apps For Android: New to Android: Dr Panda and Toto's Treehouse -- a Top Pick

Friday, September 05, 2014

New to Android: Dr Panda and Toto's Treehouse -- a Top Pick

If you have been following us or our sister site, Smart Apps for Kids, then you know our love for all the Dr Panda apps. We get all giggly and happy whenever a new app is released. Heather H recently reviewed the latest release of Dr Panda and Toto's Treehouse and gave it a resounding 4.5 stars. I may have cheered and woken up my dog when I saw that this top app is now available for Android users! If you have a young child (and I would still count my 8 year old in this category, as she LOVES these apps still), then you have to check this app out!


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Amazon $2.99

Google Play $2.99

From Smart Apps for Kids iPhone/iPad review:

Bottom Line: Another fun offering from the wonderful developers of the Dr. Panda apps. This time, the fun features the most adorable little turtle, Toto, and his adventures in his tree house. Make food, play games, take a turtle bath and more. Plus, there’s nothing quite like watching a turtle lick the plate clean after a veggie sandwich!

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Screen shots:


From Google Play:
Hi! I’m Toto the Turtle! I’ve just hatched and would love a friend to play with and take care of me! Can you help me?
I live in a big treehouse all by myself, and I need you to help me make food, wash up, and of course play together! I may be small, but I love to play! We can play basketball, or go on the tire swing, or even blow big bubbles! When we're hungry, there’s a nice kitchen where we can make sandwiches or even big ice cream cones! All that playing is tiring, though, so I’m glad I have a comfy bed to sleep in! Will you help take care of me and play with me?
Key Features:
• Play all sorts of games with Toto, from bubbles to basketball! Toto will emote and react to everything you do to let you know how he feels!
• Cook lots of different dishes for Toto: make sandwiches, ice cream sundaes and more!
• Use a map to explore all 4 rooms in Toto’s tree house!
• Play however you want! No time limits or strict rules!
• No in-app purchases or third party ads

Rachel H's daughter asked if she could use the "purple hair spray." After agreeing, she realized she meant the the spray in hair dye and not the extra hold hair spray in the purple bottle.

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