Smart Apps For Android: Now on Android! Birdhouse for Autism provides parents easy data tracking and more for FREE!

Monday, September 29, 2014

Now on Android! Birdhouse for Autism provides parents easy data tracking and more for FREE!

The main part of my job is looking at apps. Lots and lots of apps. Birdhouse for Autism was one of the first apps I really worked with once joining the Smart Apps team, and I absolutely loved it. This app is a dream for any parent with a child on the Autism spectrum or really any child with special needs. Parents can easily record and track sleep, mood, poop, meltdowns, appointments and now even food intake. There is even an other section to allow personalization for whatever else a parent wants to record. This app is now available for FREE on Android! Yay! No excuses! If you are looking for a data tracking app for your kids, check out Birdhouse for Autsim.

If you would like to download Birdhouse for Autism (FREE, iPhone/iPad x2 and Android), please show your support by using our links below:


There is an optional Premium Service available through the website interface

I am a huge advocate of find what works for each individual child. The best way to determine this is often by taking copious notes and tracking daily activities along with the corresponding mood. This can seem overwhelming. As a mother of a child on the spectrum, the last thing I have time for is to keep this huge chart of food and sleep and moods for my kid -- especially on the days where it just seems like my son is in constant meltdown mode. That is the beauty of the Birdhouse for Autism app. Not only is the app helpful, it is intuitive and easy to use. 

The app was created by an ingenious duo looking for a better way to help track data for their family. They understand what parents are looking for in a data tracking app for a child with Autism because that is their life. Not only have they developed an app they use, but they listen to customer feedback and are constantly looking for ways to improve and support the Autism community. One example of this, is the addition of tracking food in their latest updates.

Creating an account allows users to access the data from a computer or within the app on multiple devices. From the computer, users can access nutrition where any medication, supplement, vitamin or etc your child takes regularly can be recorded as well as Therapists where appointments can be recorded. There is the ability to sign up for premium access from the website. More information as well as free account creation can be found on the Birdhouse website.

I highly recommend checking out this great FREE app! 

From Google Play:
Birdhouse for Autism is the next generation of note-taking.
Birdhouse is a super helpful, easy-to-use web and mobile tracking app designed for parents raising children with Autism BY parents raising a child with Autism.

Easily keep a running, searchable journal of your child's daily activities like sleep, medications/supplements, moods, therapies, poop, meltdown, food, and text, so you can figure out what's working and what needs to be changed. Over time, Birdhouse for Autism will become among the most valuable Autism resources in your arsenal, keeping you organized and on top of things like nothing else.

***You must create an account on a full-size browser before using Birdhouse for Autism on Android or iPhone. If you're using a laptop or desktop, please go here to create your account:

-Keep a daily behavioral journal
-Stay informed on your child's progress
-Track sensory diets
-Collaborate with teachers and therapists
-Share info with doctors
-Manage alternative diets and eating habits
-Track your child's sleep cycles
-Identify what causes meltdowns
-Organize medications and supplements
-Record notes from therapy sessions
-Account for poop & dietary infractions
-Stay in control of your child's progress

Check out for a full rundown of features, testimonials from parents, teachers, and specialists who've used Birdhouse, and how to join the Birdhouse Premium club.

Never lose a note again.

Please email us at with any and all feedback, questions, concerns, etc.

Thank you for helping us make Birdhouse for Autism more helpful for your family!

Rachel H's son was a "brave, brave boy" and made it through the school fire-drill like a champ last week thanks to a supportive teacher with noise reducing headphones.

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