Smart Apps For Android: Build a Western frontier town with Westbound! Plus, don't miss out on the $50 giveaway!

Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Build a Western frontier town with Westbound! Plus, don't miss out on the $50 giveaway!

Alright, first things first. Have you entered the $50 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway that our super-generous boss is letting us run? There's less than a day left to enter, so hop on it if you haven't. I'll tell you a secret... to make it easier for you, I've put the rafflecopter widget for entry at the bottom of this post. Stop! I know you are about to just scroll down, but it will really hurt my feelings if you don't read about Westbound first. So, be sweet, read the whole post, then enter.

Westbound takes us back to the wild, wild West as we team up with a colorful bunch of pioneers to help build our own little frontier town. Build a farm, raise some animals, and hang out with a stinky old prospector. (I really have no idea if he's stinky, but he looks like he ought to be.) 

Westbound is free on Amazon, so mosey on over and grab it.


No ads, but there are in-app purchases and external links so set your device accordingly.


If you'd like to download Westbound, please use the handy link provided so they'll know who sent you.


Screen shots:


From Amazon :

Product Description

Start your frontier adventure now!

Your wagon train has broken down on its way out to Oregon! Now you're stranded in a canyon with a motley crew of settlers. It's time to build a new home and turn it into your own beautiful frontier town! Saddle up your horse and come along!

Treasure, mystery, and romance await as you mine the hidden canyon, discover ancient treasures, and establish a booming settlement! But be warned! There are notorious outlaws on the loose!

Things you'll be doing in Westbound:
• Build a frontier boomtown
• Tend your ranch and raise cute animals
• Explore for ancient artifacts
• Race to find lost treasures
• Solve ancient mysteries

By Kiwi, the makers of top FREE games like Shipwrecked, Monsterama Park, and Brightwood Adventures.

OK, now for the giveaway:

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Today Kelli's five-year-old told her that it's OK to not be cool. Kelli hopes that this is a wise insight from a wonderful little girl and not just some statement on Kelli's clothes or something.

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