Smart Apps For Android: AWEsum Plus is FREE today! Yay! Math games! (good Android apps)

Sunday, October 05, 2014

AWEsum Plus is FREE today! Yay! Math games! (good Android apps)

There's not much I like more than a little education disguised as a game. AWEsum Plus from Nomad Apps is one of those games that will help the user brush up on some skills (in this case it's math, of course) while playing a fun and challenging game.
Just guide the numbered cubes into the cube wall so that the single digits add up to the assigned AWEsum. It's kind of like Tetris, but for math.
It's FREE on the Amazon Appstore today, so get it while you can!


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If you would like to download AWEsum Plus, please use the handy link provided so they'll know who sent you.
Remember, only an app's developer can determine the price. This app was verified as free at the time of this post, but prices are subject to change at any time so please verify before downloading.

Free (normally $1.99)
Screen Shots:


Product Description

By popular demand from teachers and parents, NOMAD, the creators of the award-winning casual game "AWEsum!", now proudly present AWEsum Plus, a more skills-focused version of the action-packed puzzle game. Co-designed by a veteran K-12 math supervisor and a former console game designer, AWEsum Plus is a pedagogically sound technique for moving the human brain from concrete to abstract representations of numbers - the foundation cognitive principle for success in K-12 mathematics. In simpler terms, the types of thinking required in this game have been shown to mathematically attune students of all ages - and even adults!

The object of the game is to guide and place a pair of falling number cubes onto other cubes below so that the single digits assigned to each cube, when added together, equal the game's predetermined "AWEsum".

Correctly paired cubes result in their disappearance, preventing the "cube wall" from reaching the top of the board and ending the game. Receive scoring bonuses by power-dropping cubes, matching cube colors, or making multiple AWEsum pairs at once.

The AWEsum changes periodically throughout the game - keeping you on your mathematical toes! Game speed progressively increases and "special" cubes with powerful cube-bursting features are introduced as periodic rewards to players who demonstrate proficiency.

AWEsum Plus is extremely configurable, allowing the parent, teacher, or child to restrict the randomly appearing AWEsums and game speed to a certain range or single value, modify the appearance of Swap spheres and Special cubes, eliminate periodic piece drop to remove time constraints, etc. A Skills Assessment screen summarizes the user's strengths & weaknesses.


Game features:

- Selectable cube wall height and starting level
- Natural, fluid tap/drag/flick controls
- Simple in-game instructions
- Incredibly easy to learn, by all ages
- Subtly hone rapid mental math skills while playing
- Vibrant colors and backgrounds
- Special cubes: Number Bomb, Double Arrows, Color Star
- Earn big bonuses for clearing the board of cubes
- Flick Swap spheres to destroy undesirable cubes
- Accumulate more Swaps by pairing both falling cubes
- High-quality stereo soundtrack and effects 

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