Smart Apps For Android: Big Sale in the Amazon Appstore! $115 worth of apps and games gone FREE!

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Big Sale in the Amazon Appstore! $115 worth of apps and games gone FREE!

Whoa. Y'all are gonna want to run over to the Amazon Appstore and check out the sale they are running. $115 worth of apps and games have been set to free for two days only. This is definitely worth taking a look at, because there is a little something for everybody.
You might be interested in Plants Vs. Zombies, a favorite around my house. You can work with killer plants to save your home from a hoard of zombies. And it's not nearly as gory (or as strange) as it sounds for some reason.Or maybe Sonic the Hedgehog is more your style of game. That's cool, too. Because he's free, too.
There are hidden object games and strategy games and building games, all for free. And there's something called World of Goo that I can't wait to check out.
Plus there are a ton of non-game apps that you really need to ad to your collection. There's a $30 anatomy app that you don't want to miss out on. And a $30 dictionary app, too. There are apps for productivity and for organization and for education (a free Toca Boca app, anyone?). When I said something for everybody I was not kidding. 
If photography is your thing, you can get four different apps to help you take and edit photos on your Android device. There are over forty apps gone free through Saturday, November 1. So, skip the trick-or-treating and go download all of these great apps. I'm kidding, of course, download all the apps right now and you'll still have plenty of time to help your kids get a ton of chocolate to share with you.
You can see the entire list of free apps here.


Kelli's daughter has had her Halloween costume for over a month. Her son will probably end up just going as a cowboy...again.

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